Bullet+Stone Concrete Collection

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Designer Doorware

Commissioned By:

Designer Doorware

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Designer Doorware brings together two timeless classics—concrete and metal—in the Bullet+Stone collection of door hardware. The collection merges the rough and cold aesthetic of concrete with sumptuous and eye-catching metals. The resulting visual and tactile experience allows users to experience both finishes simultaneously, amplifying the contrast between them.

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  • Interior designers and architects are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. This pursuit for new products is a desire Designer Doorware lives to nurture and satisfy through thoughtful and premium design. With exposed concrete finishes becoming increasingly popular amongst contemporary interiors and architecture, as well as the products that live within them, an opportunity presented itself to experiment with novel material choices with regards to door hardware that break away from the norm.

  • The Bullet+Stone Collection’s answer to this brief is its daring exploration of materiality. The use of concrete within contemporary architecture and interior design is widespread, however architectural hardware rarely utilises this ever-present material. Incorporating concrete into door hardware grants interior designers greater freedom to specify products in a wider range of finishes that end-users will utilise on a daily basis.

  • The sumptuous contrast of smooth metal and rough concrete grants interior designers the ability to provide new tactile experiences for their clients, emotionally connecting them closer to the contemporary interiors surrounding them. This novel product solution not only caters to the needs of our clients, but also raises brand awareness and upholds Designer Doorware’s purpose – to design beautiful products that compliment the needs of the time. The products are hand-made and finished in Melbourne, Australia which supports local aspiring talent and nurtures experienced artisans that utilise a lifetime’s worth of passion and experience to create each and every Bullet+Stone product.

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