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  • 2017

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    Web Design and Development

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Brown Brothers

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The Brown Brothers website has been designed to reflect the quality and history of the brand, while incorporating a range of enhanced usability features. The site has attracted a raft of awards, including 2 Communicator Awards, 2 W3 Awards, an Australian Web Award, a Davey Award and a Melbourne Design Award.

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  • From a design perspective, the site has been completely overhauled, with a cleaner design that is more in line with the brand's visual identity. There is also more communication about special events and offers on the homepage, as well as greater visibility of the call to action to drive subscriptions to the loyalty club (Epicurean). In addition, the site now has a greater emphasis on showcasing the different brands that sit under the Brown Brothers group.

  • To enhance the user experience and assist with wine selection, Get Started created a 'sticky' filter on the product pages. Previously, if a user clicked through to a product page, they would lose any filters they were using and would have to go back and re-enter their search criteria. The user is now also able to collapse certain parts of the filter to focus on the aspects of wine selection they're most interested in.

  • Usability has also been improved by allowing the user to purchase directly from the home page or the landing page of the online store, rather than having to click through to the product page to make a purchase. There are also less clicks required to search for products and more options available to filter the wine.

  • The site features a visually striking recipe section, with professional quality photography and recipes, wine and styling tips written by a range of subject matter experts and key influencers.

    The site incorporates a section that links to a 'Mood Wheel', an interactive tool that allows the user to 'take the wine mood test' to see what sort of wine mood they're in and find a suitable Brown Brothers product to match it. The mood wheel was created by Get Started for Brown Brothers' Colourful Conversations campaign and now serves as a key element of the brand's digital assets.

    The new site has been extremely successful for Brown Brothers, resulting in: a 20% increase in new users year on year an 8% increase in online transactions a 45% increase in new mobile users a 20% increase in engagement per session.