Britax Safe-n-Sound b-first

  • 2020

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  • Britax Australia

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Britax Childcare Pty Ltd

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b-first ClickTight Installation System showcases a unique Australian patented technology, designed to provide effortless, secure installation with fewer steps, every time. Dealing with crash energy earlier, Advanced SICT combines advanced safety and freedom of space. Designed to reduce everyday misuse, offering overall increased protection, b-first offers parents safety and flexibility.

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  • It is estimated over 75% of car seats are unintentionally installed incorrectly. Even the safest design, improperly installed, can leave children vulnerable to injury or death during a crash. We also know space is an issue, especially with growing families so we’ve designed an advanced deployable side impact protection system which enables parents a solution to use it on door side only. Dealing with crash energy earlier, the unique design combines advanced safety with freedom of space, without increasing the width of the child seat. Both ClickTight and Advanced SICT technologies are firsts in Australia.

  • Britax used an iterative design and development and extensive testing to deliver an optimum design solution. By integrating patented “self-tensioning” (ClickTight) into the structure, we concealed a metal frame and “isofix” style latch system capable of withstanding extreme loads. Advancing ‘patented’ side impact protection and new ‘deployable’ design, Britax offered flexibility to the user so that side impact dampers can be deployed only when required on one side of the child seat, freeing up valuable space for growing families. These design solutions were validated at high G loads at Britax’ Melbourne crash test facility, outperforming all other Britax products.

  • b-first’s dynamic performance combined with a vastly simpler ‘ease of installation’ has delivered what we believe is a world class, leading and innovative design in Australia. When assessed by NEURA in a laboratory trial against a traditional seat belt installation, b-first showed a ‘statically significant’ improvement in reducing the potential for a seat belt installation error. Scientific studies have continuously proven that reducing the potential for errors during installation has the positive impact of minimizing potential harm to children during vehicle accidents.

  • • ADVANCED SICT: Located on the outboard position of the headrest and torso, closer to the point of impact minimizing crash forces in a side collision • PROTECTIVE SHELL: An enclosed shell design to provide maximum protection • REARWARD FACING LEVELLING INDICATOR: Visual levelling indicator designed to aid correct rearward installation angles • VENTILATION ZONES: In the rear interior and exterior of the b-first seat are designed for better airflow, keeping baby cool and comfortable • HASSLE FREE HARNESS – Ease of everyday use is so important, easy adjustable headrests grows with child. No Need for rethreading • REARWARD FACING FOR LONGER: Keeping child rearward facing for as long as possible is safest position for baby. Birth to 2-3years approximately. • COMFORT: All our covers are made with THERMO5 High Performance Bamboo charcoal fabric. Combined with NANOTEX SPILL Protection, offer stain resistant and moisture repellant properties makes the seat easy to clean on the go. • INTEGRATED COLOURED BELT PATHS Highlighted Visual seat belt paths make it easier to guide seat belt correctly • FORWARD FACING COMFORT RECLINE LEVELS 4 simple to use functional comfort recline positions: Awake / Laze / Nap / Sleep