Breville Polyscience Control Freak

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • David Davenport, Tibor Hegedis
  • Mario Rosina, Vyvyan Rose
  • Brendan Foxlee, Catherine Ruspino
  • Ella Taylor, Amanda Meng
  • And all the Breville team that helped out…

Commissioned By:

Breville Group

Designed In:


This is the world’s first cook top to accurately measure, set and hold every degree from 30°C-250°C. Cookware is transformed into precision tools for sugar work without a thermometer or delicate sauces without a Bain-Marie. This cooker with unparalleled precision is a ‘game changer’ for chefs.

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  • The innovation heart is a sensor raised above the cook top surface directly measuring surface temperature. Unlike all other cookers, where the sensor is below the glass giving delayed and inaccurate readings, this contacts the pan directly for real-time temperature feedback holding the temp in the pan regardless of the load. Specially developed hardware & PID software drives very fine increments of power to enable this level of precision chefs need. For finer control demands of water and fat based cooking the Probe Control™ thermometer directly controls the ingredient temperature in the pot for sous vide, confit, cheese & yogurt making, chocolate & sugar work can all be performed with prediction and accuracy.

  • This unique function enables control of the heat-up speed to the set temperature. In low temperature work, like cheese & yogurt making or slow transformation of delicate proteins, slow heat up is needed to allow heat to distribute evenly through the ingredients. Tricky environments like simmering normally require constant adjustment power levels to maintain the same simmer level. Intensity control allows the Chef to choose the temp and intensity and walk away in safety without fear of splitting or burning sauces and that their stocks are reduced over long periods with care. We predict that intensity control will also be a new tool for experimentation and creativity for chefs.

  • The patented twin fan cooling system, tested in high heat commercial environments of >40°C, maintains constant high power & temperature cooking whilst keeping the components at optimum working temperatures. Others induction cookers struggle to keep components cool which results in unexpected shut down with disastrous results for food service. It does this by separating the cooling of the induction coil & sensor to the electronics driving system. An extra advantage is that cooling efficiency is increased so fan noise is reduced significantly. This ground-up developed induction system has over 90% energy efficiency and ½ Bridge Driving Circuit Topology giving fine linear steps of power for response & precision.

  • The housing is constructed with thick durable stainless steel and a tough heat resistant co-molded Tritan™/PET display screen which can take heavy knocks and heat from big pans and support more than 10 times its weight placed on top. It has removable dishwasher safe dials, has water resistant IPX5 rating and NSF certified to meet commercial hygiene standards. The sensor uses precision high grade polymers and elastomers, inert to induction, insulate from heat and cooled from the underside. It complies with strict commercial and domestic standards to reach a global market share. All parts and sub-assemblies are serviceable with special note the sensor assembly can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes.

    The Create function stores frequently used custom temperature profiles for simple one-touch recall and replayed for consistent and repeatable results benefiting the busy and chaotic environment of the commercial kitchens with varying skill sets of staff. The on board timer gives added cooking control allowing the chef to decide to either stop or continue cooking, repeat the timer or go to keep warm at the end. The user can share these profiles to other cookers via the USB device so that multiple cookers can be updated or even shared to other chefs for the same cooking result. Employing a TFT display and capable MCU the USB can also be used to deliver software updates for new features that can be introduced.

    Conventional cookers cannot control heat limits, so a patented safety electronic circuit was made to avoid pot overheating, not only to reduce food spoiling, but to avoid fire risk. To meet the growing need of versatile modular kitchens it's easily portable: at 10Kgs it's lightweight, with its Polymer Chassis & efficient use of components, & includes a carry case for offsite events. Operation is as simple as a gas knob, using a single large 'turn & confirm' dial which is used to navigate all functions. Clear & simple graphics with a bold pan temperature display and 'horseshoe' graphic tells chef at a glance exactly what's happening. The single shell & flush surfaces makes for hygienic & fast cleanup.

    After Breville joined with commercial sous vide giant, Polyscience, the brand marriage will give chefs reassurance of quality & performance. Influential industry chefs, who say that within 60 seconds it's a 'must-have', will create a base of credibility for this essential kitchen tool. The price is just on top of the nearest competitors, which have no such innovative features, representing a highly attractive mass-market product. It represents perfect alignment with Breville's food thinking strategy and increase brand ownership of temperature control. The investment in this new technology will be leveraged across Breville's portfolio of products representing a significant return on investment in the future.