Breville Thermal-Pro™ Cookware

  • 2016

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    Housewares and Objects

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Breville Group

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This cookware is a world first to impact bond a base to a clad body: Giving consistent and even heat distribution, maximizing cooker power and eliminates thermal distortion. The voluptuous classic-curved aesthetic is smooth & comfortable, luxurious in feel & easy to clean. This is premium performance cookware.

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  • Powerful Induction Cookers can destroy inferior cookware. This cookware is a world first to impact bond a base to a clad body to optimise for induction. Starting with a blank sheet, research and testing demonstrated that modern high power induction cookers can quickly and permanently distort cookware. Cookware with braised-on bases can corrode and potentially fall off if overheated: Using the world's largest Impact Bond equipment special tooling was invested to bond onto a multi-layer clad body. Difficult to achieve accurately over such large diameters, the result is a perfectly bonded 5 layer surface that has perfectly even heat distribution, maximizing power & eliminates thermal distortion.

  • Carefully selected materials were chosen for their bonding, processing, manufacturing and functional performance: 439 grade stainless steel for the outside layer giving both the best energy response and for smooth and even deep draw pressing properties. Pure Aluminum on the inside layer for its optimum thermal conductivity characteristics giving fast and even heat distribution across the entire base of the pan. 304 grade stainless steel was selected for the inside layer for its resistance properties against food acids and cleaning chemical corrosion resistance. All ensuring best performance on all cook tops, oven proof, dishwasher safe and backs the lifetime guarantee.

  • This cookware will outlast its owner and hopefully handed down so the intention was to steer away from the contemporary form and instead embrace classic features: The voluptuously curved surfaces on body and fittings are smooth and comfortable with broad generous flowing surfaces luxurious in feel and easy to clean. Commercial fitting proportions like the over sized badge face where fittings meet the body are heavily reassuring in quality and performance. The bonded base is shaped especially to a fine point in order to blend beautifully with the clad body.

  • Laser etched graphics, for internal volume markings simplify measuring directly in pan and branding on the base, ensure they stay around. The specially rolled lip, which folds the inner and outer layer of stainless steel encapsulating the internal aluminium aid smoother pouring, protects the soft aluminium from utensil damage and seals the aluminium from corrosion. The long stick handle design has a unique 'U' shape with flatter top which gives comfort and aids grip when twisting for pouring. A generously sized loop in the end of the handles make for easy hanging if required.

    To get the full handle shape a combination of investment cast and hollow tube forming to reduce weight and save material excess and cost. High grade polishing was pushed to go the extra mile on quality. Both a stainless steel and aluminium range were created to cover the market of polarized consumer views on stainless vs non-stick. The aluminium range is both hard anodised and non-stick coated with special flush rivets for smooth stirring and easy cleaning.