Breville Quick Touch™ Crisp

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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With the Quick Touch™ Crisp soggy pies and pizzas are a thing of the past! The Smart ‘Cook & Grill’ function switches between microwave & grill whilst an innovative crisper pan cooks and browns the bottom of the food!

The crisper pan also features unique adjustable legs specially engineered to work within a microwave which raises the food closer to the grill elements for extra crisping or discretely folded down for easy storage.

Over 3,000 hours of kitchen testing have gone into determining the best power level, time and grilling combinations for different foods including several surprising shortcut buttons for common kitchen tasks!

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  • The crisper has a silicone base specially designed to absorb microwave energy which allows the pan to get really hot just like a baking dish in an oven. Adjustable legs allow the pan to get close to the grill element when needed or folded down for easy storage and to sit flat on the turntable. The non-stick coating allows the pan to be easily cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.

  • The integrated SMART Cook & Grill setting brings microwave, grill and crisper pan technology together by preheating the pan for 3 minutes to maximise heat absorption and then switching automatically from microwave to grill when needed during cooking to give better, crispier results! With over 3,000 hours of kitchen testing completed to determine the best power levels, time and grilling combinations the SMART Cook & Grill food menu offers some surprising options including toasted nuts, dried herbs and a grilled cheese setting when comfort food is needed!

  • Tucked away behind the door are a range of shortcut buttons for both common kitchen tasks and foods that are better suited crisp. Reheat Beverage, Melt Chocolate and Soften Butter provide the correct power and time based on your quantity to prevent an overheating disaster, while Reheat Pizza, Baked Potato and Grilled Cheese bring microwave, grill and crisper pan together to prevent soggy results. Programming your favourite setting is easy with the Favourite button as well as a range of utility buttons which allow for unit conversion between grams and ounces, set clock function as well as beep volume adjustment.

  • Have you ever had exploding baked beans? Destroyed your soup? Or turned a piece of chicken into rubber? These are all common problems due to the temperamental nature of the standard household microwave. The Quick Touch Crisp uses Inverter Technology which minimises uneven heating by providing a consistent stream of the right power level rather than on/off power cycling found in normal microwaves. Inverter Technology allows faster, consistent results whether you are using the SMART buttons, shortcuts or on the fly from the walk-up screen!

    Have you ever found yourself looking through the microwave door waiting for your food to cook and it suddenly overheats? Most people deal with this by promptly opening the door and stopping the cooking process. What you really need to do is adjust the power and time just like you would reduce the heat on the stove, but most microwaves are often very confusing making the adjustment of power and time unclear and frustrating. The Quick Touch™ Crisp allows you to easily adjust both power and time by turning a dial at any time during the cooking process.