Breezair Extraordinaire™

  • 2020

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    Hardware and Building

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  • Seeley International

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Seeley International

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Breezair is Seeley International’s premium, world-leading evaporative air-conditioner brand, and Breezair Extraordinaire™ has redefined the future for whole-of-home cooling. This amazing evaporative air-conditioner strikes the perfect balance between design and performance. It is beautifully crafted, with a single-piece cabinet and delivers the ultimate in quietness, cooling capacity and airflow.

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  • With the vast majority of modern roof angles being between 10/40 degrees, the challenge was to design a cooling solution that mounts FLUSH on any such roof and blends seamlessly into the roofline, without sacrificing comfort or energy-efficient performance. It was important to remove unsightly plumbing and also metal droppers, on which other evaporative coolers are mounted. As urban infill has meant greater exposure to roof lines from neighbouring homes, it was important to also deliver a rooftop cooling solution of exceptionally pleasing appearance, and available in a range of Colourbond/Tile colour options, to blend right into modern rooflines.

  • The way the Breezair Extraordinaire™ sits below the roof ridgeline, and the way its unique 1-piece moulded plastic cabinet fits to its barely-visible tank, which mounts flush on the roof, sets an industry benchmark beyond anything the world has ever seen. An innovative water distribution system enables the unit to follow the slope of any roof pitch between 10/40 degrees. Its innovative design hides unsightly plumbing normally seen on other such coolers, and has captivated consumers, where-ever this magnificent product has been installed.

  • Breezair Extraordinaire™ is more compact and less intrusive than anything that has ever come to market, and its modern design achieves the ideal form and function balance in a remarkable way. For the first time, an evaporative cooler is considered to be an attractive addition to domestic roofs. The 1-piece plastic cabinet is an industry-first and regarded as the biggest design-change to evaporative cooling. Our patented axial SuperStealth fan powering this Breezair, delivers whisper-quiet-cooling. Breezair Extraordinaire™ has the highest cooling capacity and airflow for residential coolers, globally! It’s designed to deliver ultra-quiet, ultra-cooled, ultra-fresh-air into every home where it’s installed.

  • In yet another industry-first, innovative functional design sees the revolutionary Black Magic™ MINI-CELL CHILLCEL® pads, also located centrally in the air-conditioner, with air-entry through the top of the unit, as well as through the 4 large, but unobtrusive sides. This enables the highest cooling capacity and air delivery to date in a domestic evaporative air-conditioner, whilst still achieving a small footprint and ultra streamlined unobtrusiveness on any roof. The patented water distribution system enables the air-conditioner to operate efficiently, and to full capacity on roofs of varying pitches (from 10/40 degrees). With Black Ice™ added to the water distributor moulding, temperatures are further reduced, providing even greater performance. This unique Australian design ensures constant, even saturation of the Black Magic™ Mini-Cell^ Chillcel® pads, which increases the cooling effect, and its “out-performance” over all global competitors. The Australian designed and manufactured Tornado® pump provides exceptional reliability in extreme conditions and ensures maximised waterflow through its double-outlet water delivery system. WeatherSeal® technology uses extra-light-weight aerodynamically shaped foam to reduce air interruption during operation and complete sealing when the cooler is turned off. This automatic sealing system eliminates the need for winter covers.