Braemar Evolution

  • 2018

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    Hardware and Building

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  • Seeley International

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Seeley International

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Braemar Evolution is the highest capacity sloped tank evaporative air conditioner available. Its low profile, sleek design means it sits unobtrusively below roof ridgelines blending seamlessly into a home’s design. Evolution features advanced Australian-developed technology with a range of unique innovations building on the long-standing reputation of the Braemar brand.

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  • The design brief was instigated due to consumer demand for an evaporative cooler that could be installed below a roof ridgeline. Additionally, new housing developments are developing specific regulations to prevent the installation of any roof mounted equipment that is visible above a roof ridgeline. Specific design brief challenges: • Design a low profile compact cabinet that sits below a roof ridgeline • Cabinet height to be equivalent to competitor cooler • Attractive unique styling required to give point of difference > develop a low profile, sloped tank cooler that met measurement dimensions that needed to outperform competitor models • Quiet operation

  • Design Outcomes: • All design objectives were met, and in some cases exceeded • This is now the best performing cooler of its size in the market • Outperforms other sloped tank competitor coolers of larger cabinet size (up to 270mm taller) • Customer focus groups rated the design higher than competitor designs Achieving better performance involved: • Maximising cooling pad surface area, by eliminating wasted space and slim-lining the water distribution system • Achieving even cooling pad saturation • Achieving better airflow with a high performing, quiet inverter motor and axial fan combination

  • Released in 2017, the Braemar Evolution represents the next generation of low profile evaporative air conditioners with early consumer interest and strong sales. This is because consumers are now being offered the coldest ultra-low profile and highest capacity sloped tank evaporative air conditioner available. Market share is also anticipated to grow in the builder’s market where there are increasingly stringent requirements for air conditioners to be installed below roof ridgelines and to meet noise guidelines. This is particularly the case in new housing developments where regulations prevent installation of roof mounted equipment that will be visible above a roof ridgeline.

  • • Seamless style – Curved louvres seamlessly blend into a home’s roofline. Clever external design achieves a low profile, streamlined product that effortlessly sits below a roof ridgeline. • Cost-effective – clever technology means it is up to 90% cheaper to run and allows users to save up to 90% on energy bills when compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner • Quality – NATA accredited test results substantiate the superior product performance, which is also simple to install, maintain and operate. • Lifestyle – Combines state-of the-art technology with a natural evaporative cooling process, making it a cooling option perfect for alfresco living, while the option of security vents means consumers can leave doors and windows closed without compromising on security. • Whisper quiet operation - Achieved through the integration of a SuperStealth inverter motor and SuperStealth fan for high energy efficiency. • Environment – Delivers fresh, outside air rather than stale recycled air, and natural cooling processes mean that there is up to 90% less harmful CO2 emissions • MagIQtouch controller - The Braemar Evolution is operated by an intuitive MagIQtouch touch-screen controller. It features a ‘smart’ touch screen, similar in size to an iPhone. Self-explanatory symbols lead to an easy-to-understand menu, and touch screen technology provides an intuitive interface.