Brace Stool

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Jirachai Tangkijngamwong

Commissioned By:

Deesewat Industries Co., Ltd.

Designed In:


I have experience a pack injury by myself and has found out that when you have back problem…it is very difficult to lift up yourself from the chair or move forward the table by my self. Therefore, I have decided to make a stool support this function

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  • Brace stool was designed with difference griping arm so that when lift up, with difference length of the gripping arm, the body balance is not in the center and assist the body to decide which arm to let go easily. In general, if it is the same, body will put balance in the center and it is difficult to let go of any arm when the back is weak. And another function is that we have put the arm in difference layer, so when lifting up, the body is generally twist by 25 degree and make it easily to lean toward the table easily. And the space opening is also help for the access if in case the customer want to move forward the wheelchair . as material is in teak, they can be used for both indoor/outdoor/bathroom.