Blackmagic ATEM

  • 2015

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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Blackmagic Design

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The ATEM product range is a suite of high-end, broadcast quality live production switchers. Equipped for demanding Ultra HD workflows, it is designed specifically for news, sporting events and television productions. Costing as little as $1700, it is an affordable platform for the professional production of live, multi-camera broadcasts. Schools, community groups and individuals can now leverage cutting-edge live production technology that was, until now, the exclusive tool of large television studios.

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  • Driven by insight into high pressure live broadcast situations, the carefully considered architecture of the ATEM range is visually coherent and highly versatile. Flexible configurations, expandable electronics and modular thermal management systems all ensure efficient development of new models to address evolving industry demands. Multi-voltage power supplies allow switchers to be used anywhere in the world. ATEM is also technologically future-proof, with the flexibility to work in virtually any resolution including SD, HD or Ultra HD. This means that users can switch to Ultra HD at any time to capture incredible detail, confident they are working in the television format of the future.

  • With an elegant, minimal design language spanning the entire range, ATEM provides a logical, intuitive and consistent layout of control and monitoring features for error-free switching and remote camera operation. While the precision CNC machined aluminium fascia is aesthetically attractive, it is also strong enough to withstand bumps and shocks when installed in broadcast trucks and portable racks.

  • Until now the ability to control cameras from the live production switcher was only available to extremely high end broadcasters who had the costly infrastructure that allowed this feature. For less than $1700, independent broadcasters now have the ability to utilise high-end remote camera control. Paired with Blackmagic Studio Cameras, ATEM delivers full lens control and the ability to simultaneously colour balance multiple cameras in real-time using DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic's colour correction software. This ensures high quality, consistent footage across an entire live production, allowing cameramen to concentrate on getting the best shot.

  • Highly compact, the ATEM series is ideal for small spaces such as outside broadcast vehicles and portable road cases. Software based control interfaces also allow users to replace bulky, expensive switching panels with a single laptop, making it even more accessible to community town halls, churches and schools.

    In high pressure live broadcast situations, ease of use is vital. Producers often need to manage multiple TV networks broadcasting the same event, each with their own commercial inserts, graphics and branding. Embraced by independent productions like the Pickathon Music Festival in Portland OR, 6 ATEM switchers were used to stream 44 hours of live HD concert footage to a global audience. Producer Ryan Stiles said “The ATEM switchers allow Pickathon to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible. We needed stability and a universal system that's the same no matter what stage the directors are at. The simplicity and ease of use of the software and control over the network is an all around win for us,”

    Broadcast and live production situations demand mission critical reliability. Unlike computer based systems, ATEM Switchers use an internal aviation quality operating system that does not interrupt the video if the computer crashes. With ATEMs video outputs, footage from live events is protected from any possible computer failure.

    On high pressure live production sets and mobile outside broadcast vans, secure mounting is critical to prevent damage to equipment and injury to personnel. With a rigid CNC machined aluminium fascia ATEM products are designed specifically for failsafe mounting in challenging situations. Exported to 87 countries, ATEM also complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations, including AS/NZS 60950, FCC, CE, RCM, WEE & ROHS.