Birchal Platform

  • 2018

  • Digital

Designed By:

  • Markos Evans Joshua Stewart

Commissioned By:

Markos Evans Joshua Stewart Alan Crabbe

Designed In:


Birchal is one of the first licensed Equity Crowdfunding platforms in Australia. The platform was designed to showcase Australian brands and consumer companies whilst providing an intuitive interface for investors to buy shares in the company.

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  • The design brief summary: - Design a beautiful pitch deck template for brands - Display risk warnings without negatively affecting user experience (its a regulated financial service) - Create a simple and Intuitive investor process - Champion the brand (not the raise)

  • During the wire framing stage - the designer focused on the Brand first, before incorporating what we now call Campaigns. We learned that we could separate the regulated equity raise from the main pitch - this meant: - that we showcased the Brand and their story - risk warnings didn't distract unless the user wanted to invest - the Campaign widget could be replaced (with other activities / types of campaigns) With the Investor On-boarding process - the designer and developer broke the user data collection process into 6 simple steps. Results exceeded the brief - user feels their progressing quickly - whilst being instructed about the process.

  • Commercially, brands and consumer companies are more attracted to use our platform because of the modern user interface and user experience. Equity CF is new - and Investors and Potential investors are having a good initial reactions to this game changing deregulation in Australia. We believe that if people have a good experience from the start - they're much more likely to re-invest again and again & more importantly tell others about it.

  • Though the early design phase we introduced the Activity feed - that allows Brands to continually engage potential investors in a similar fashion to how social media companies operate. This is proving to be a very valuable tool to keep all stakeholders on the same page.