Axolotl HALO Glass

  • 2016

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Axolotl Group Pty Ltd

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HALO’s jewel like appearance is a result of its dual translucencies. Custom patterns are carved into the surface up to 3mm deep and then kiln fired to soften the shape and texture of the glass.
HALO can be designed with a range of custom effects to meet the requirements of each project.

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  • Varying degrees of visual obscurity can be achieved to meet the different privacy requirements for each project, depending on the chosen pattern and scale selected. HALO can also be supplied with bespoke printed interlayers, colour backed or even mirrored. Available in annealed glass, or laminated safety glass to meet Australian standards in custom sizes.

  • HALO can be manufactured up to 3200mm x 1500mm in size. Patterns can also be designed to run seamlessly across panels for projects that require longer spans.

  • HALO glass is custom made to order, and can be manufactured using virtually any graphic pattern. Axolotl has a range of over 1000 patterns to select from, or can develop custom patterns with our clients. The graphic options in HALO are almost limitless; patterns do not have to be connected like with laser cutting, and can be as fine as 2mm wide. Application opportunities are endless ranging from applications that require translucent glass such as screening, balustrades, frameless doors & windows, through to single presentation face applications when HALO is treated on its back face, suitable for feature walls, signage & counter fronts.

  • HALO glass can be manufactured to provide custom levels of privacy screening for projects. HALO is made up of dual transparencies; frosted translucent sections and lightly obscured transparent areas. It is ideal for screening where the transmission of light is still required. The level of privacy can be controlled by the design - patterns can be scaled up to have finer or larger transparent areas depending on requirements. HALO glass can also be frosted on the back face to give 100% translucency and privacy.

    HALO glass can be manufactured in clear float, low iron, bronze, grey, green and azzurlite float glass. It is also available with a custom colour back, printed interlayers or mirrored. HALO glass can be supplied annealed in 10mm and 12mm glass, or can be manufactured as laminated safety glass from 17.52mm thick.

    HALO glass has a finished texture similar to acid etched glass, achieved without the use of any chemicals. The frosted surface is satin like and easy to clean with standard glass cleaners and a soft cloth. The faceted surface of HALO is also very forgiving; it does not highlight fingerprints and dirt as readily as sandblasted glass.

    HALO glass can be manufactured as annealed laminated panels with a selection of high performance interlayers that improve the thermal, acoustic and UV properties of the panel. The improved performance of HALO laminated glass helps to minimise energy consumption and the UV protection helps to eliminate the fading and damage caused by the sun, so you don't need to replace interior furnishings as often, which saves resources.