Atlite Sliding Skylight

  • 2019

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The Atlite Sliding Skylight is cutting-edge skylight design and roof access combined. Local council refused an access door in this new home due to height restrictions. Collaboration between the home owner and Atlite Skylights achieved roof access, natural light and a stunning focal point of the home.

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  • Roof top access was required. The local council restriction was 900 mm above the roof line, however head + steps clearance needed was over 2000mm. The access to the roof top terrace could only be achieved with a sliding skylight. Our client searched for a solution within Australia and internationally but it was not until she met with the team of engineers at Atlite that this Australian made solution was found

  • The brief was to allow access to a roof top terrace that met with local council restrictions. The solution of the Atlite Sliding Skylight exceeded the brief. Originally the client wanted the staircase to lead to a door for access to the roof. However now she has a staircase leading to a skylight that seamlessly opens above your head as you ascend the stairs. The home now has roof access, a stunning skylight and abundant natural light

  • The impact of this design includes Commercial impact. This design has already been ordered several times since this initial order. Architects enjoy the simplicity and the WOW factor of including this design into their projects. It is another way to access the growing demand for roof top space and gardens. With more demand for high density living this design for roof access and a functional skylight solves 2 problems 1/ access and 2/ increased natural light

  • Other key features include: This is the only sliding skylight for roof top access that is Australian Made It was designed by the Atlite Skylights engineers in collaboration with the home owner and builder to solve a unique problem that adhered to the local building restrictions Bespoke, sleek design with reliable and seamless functionality that allows roof top access and stunning natural light The skylight is double glazed to decrease heat loss in Winter and heat gain in summer. It has tinted outer laminated glass for better UV protection. The sliding skylight is leak proof and hail proof and has been tested to AS42858 The unit operates with a remote control and has a manual operating system in case of a power outage. This can be accessed outside the unit on the roof.