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Doubling as an access hatch, this fully functional ATLITE Skydoor appeals to homeowners, architects and designers alike. Providing both attractive roof access and natural lighting to your home or workplace ATLITE can manufacture pivot skylights to enable easy access onto your roof garden without limiting your roof space.

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Image: Moses Auvale
Image: Moses Auvale
Image: Moses Auvale
Image: Andre Elhay
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  • Our client needed roof top access to 6 six luxury apartments. The challenge was to provide this access but there are brick walls on either side, so the sliding skylight was not an option. The Skydoor opens like a horizontal door and enables the homeowner to access their roof terrace automatically as they ascend the stairs. This takes up minimal space on the roof top as well as providing glorious natural light to the rooms below.

  • The superior design of the Skydoor has exceeded the expectation of the builder and architects. With high density living becoming more popular there is the challenge to give people access to the outdoors for recreational purposes. At the same time high density living designs need to be creative in providing natural light to the dwellings. By combining access with natural light is a creative way to achieve both challenges and deliver the WOW factor to the home at the same time

  • The Skydoor makes on impact on commercial design as well as domestic. People can now use their roof access as natural light. This reduces the need for electric lighting. Natural light is proven to be of benefit to mental and physical health The Skydoor allows access and natural light to buildings that have limited roof space. The sliding skylights cannot be used in this case. High density living can mean limited space on the roof so this design solves that issue

  • Other include features include; - Australian made in the Atlite factory in Cheltenham - Locally sourced materials - Premium materials used for a sleek finish and seamless operation - Installed onsite by a team of skilled professionals - Double glazed glass in clear or tinting to clients wishes - Frame can be in standard monument tor powder coated as requested - Standard sizes available - Can be custom made to any size