Armarac MX

  • 2015

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The ArmaracMX replaces traditional server and network rooms. It contains all of the features of a specialised equipment room, housing server and network equipment in a space efficient and easy to install wall mount cabinet; its integrated design saves implementers time and money through lower design, construction and commissioning costs. The key innovation which enables the space efficient layout is the unique articulated vertical rack mounting system – the ‘Vertiblade’ – developed specifically for the Armarac, in turn the cooling leverages the vertical layout for optimal airflow. The clean lines of the Armarac are equally at home in a classroom or a factory, indeed placement is only limited by the imagination.

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  • The Armarac MX holds a significant amount of equipment in a very small space in comparison to existing systems. The aesthetics was therefore driven from the size constraints and feedback provided by customers that miniaturisation was key to its acceptance. Not only this but designing a product that was modular and light weight also governed many of the details so customers could transition from fan cooled to full air conditioned unit simply by changing the doors. Armarac MX is designed to look compact, secure and truly tough.

  • The small footprint of the Armarac Mx provides the most efficient use of valuable space; it removes the need for dedicated server and network rooms, allowing shared usage of any available location, saving both capital and operational costs. The modular design allows for scalability of the equipment housed and the cooling required. The internal configuration can be easily modified using interchangeable parts to accept various server and networking devices along with their associated cabling. The key to the compactness and access was the rotating the blade servers 90 deg so they could be accessed like a book. This is a patented system that was invented by Thureon.

  • The Armarac Mx provides active control of the environment to protect the valuable server and network equipment housed within. Fan cooling provides a constant flow of air through the equipment. For hostile environments suffering from high or low ambient temperatures, excessive dust and dirt, or exposure to water, a closed cycle air-conditioner can completely seal off the inside of the enclosure, keeping the equipment cool and protected. A second redundant air-conditioner provides backup in the event of a failure. Insulation in the doors increases thermal efficiency and helps attenuate noise.

  • The Armarac Mx incorporates the same physical security as a dedicated room with keyed locks as standard, and an optional electronic locking system that integrates with existing building access control systems for secure monitored access. The Armarac Mx meets electrical and mechanical safety specifications with UL, CE and C-Tick certifications. Equipment is secured individually in the Vertiblade rackmount system, providing safe installation and serviceability. Cable management features helps secure the equipment cables for safety and security.

    The intelligent control module provides constant monitoring of intake and exhaust temperatures, altering the speed of the cooling fans to maintain the temperature at a level specified by the user. Running higher temperatures can allow the fans to run slower and quieter which may be suitable for certain environments where noise is an issue. In addition to the standard temperature, humidity and door position sensors, there are inputs for optional sensors such as smoke and water. The system can be administered using a web browser and alerts can be sent using email or SNMP. SNMP allows organisations to manage multiple Armarac Mxs using an enterprise management platform.

    The Armarac MX is nothing like any other system out there with its patented blade server system and flexibility to expand to cater for various markets. Thureon now have contracts with many large international companies and educational institutes all around the world and have a number of systems operating in the field. This is an incredible achievement for a product that is 100% designed and engineered in Australia.