Alinta Energy Online Movers

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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  • Alinta Energy
  • Convincely

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Alinta Energy

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Alinta Energy’s digital design is a new customer experience that has been created to mimic the best human-to-human phone sales experience and offers a step-by-step, tailored product experience. The design is intended for anyone who needs to transfer their gas connection when moving to a new property in Western Australia.

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  • More than 5000 West Australians move house every month and choosing a gas provider is a decision forced by necessity. We knew we had to engage with a customer who was already disengaged before they visit us. These movers have a lot of unique needs, and this drives a lot of calls to our contact centre to get answers and recommendations for those unique needs. Our challenge was to replicate the best customer service/sales call through personalised online experiences that addresses all those unique concerns.

  • To ensure that we solved customer needs we gained insights from hundreds of movers calls to understand what drives people to call rather than convert online. Our solution provides a personalised, engaging online shopfront that removes anxiety and stress, informs the customer, and taps into the excitement of moving home. An internal design rating system was also set up for key decision makers and the scoring was designed to perpetually purse improvements. This allowed us to remain objective at all times and ensure that all decisions were designed to produce meaningful results and encourage innovation.

  • Alinta Energy’s new movers experience is an innovative and impactful project that sets a new benchmark for digital design practice. Its personalised and engaging approach has improved customer satisfaction, promotes sustainable energy consumption habits, providing a user-friendly platform for transferring gas connections that is accessible to all, regardless of their digital literacy. Integration of rewards, dedicated support, and moving truck further enhances the customer experience and contributes to a positive impact on the community. The new designs has seen a 200% increase of customers completing the moving process online rather than calling, saving the customer 35-45 minutes on the phone.

  • The mover’s experience was built on a low code, high performance javascript framework that is easy to maintain, scale, and adapt. This allowed us to dedicate more time to creating an exceptional customer experience and conducting rapid AB testing to validate and implement innovative ideas that have resulted in material growth for our organisation. A core part of our success was our attention to user engagement. By deploying artificial intelligence systems that analyses mouse movements across thousands of customers, we identified key areas of rage, confusion, and abandonment. This allowed us to address these customer pain points and review how we present some of our key product feature callouts and moving home CVPs. We used gamification techniques that added notifications and replicated UI found mobile OS used in everyday life. This resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and more informed customers. We have implemented a test and learn process, with granular behavioural analytics at the core of our decision making to understand customer intent and measure behaviour, so we can continue to improve the customer experience rather than set and forget.