Alexander St

  • 2021

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • DKO Architecture

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Located on Sydney’s Northern beaches, this house emphasises casual beachside living with a strong connection to the external environment. The house, which is one of two, enjoys optimal views of the surrounding area while capitalising on the cross-flow of natural breezes from its elevated position.

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Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
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  • The long horizontal form is a result of the constraints of the site, but the design team took advantage of this. The aim was to create a semi that doesn't feel like a semi. Traditionally, semi-detached dwellings are closed-in and lack light to the internal spaces. Here, walls open-up to the boundary so the interior becomes an extension of the exterior, taking advantage of the temperate climate. The material selection draws inspiration from the historic palette of the surrounding area. Stacked stone, raw concrete and natural timbers were used throughout - robust materials used authentically and beautifully.

  • The clients were after a living zone that caters for relaxation and activity whereby family members can be physically distanced but visually together. The functional floor plan enables this, but it is the purposeful materials and detailing that makes it cohesive and practical. An oversized island bench is the meeting point of the home, with joinery flowing into one another. Ancillary spaces including a walk-in pantry, study and powder room are tucked into the core of the building, ensuring maximal natural light enters the living spaces. A sculptural concrete staircase swoops upwards, becoming a standout feature of the home.

  • The clients' love of Brazilian architecture is perfectly captured here. A home that breathes and has a strong connection to the outdoors was of vital importance to how the occupants live their day-to-day lives. Large glass sliding doors with low-profile frames enable the home to open up to its surroundings and take advantage of the beautiful Sydney climate. Living spaces effortlessly spill outdoors, perfect for the clients entertaining guests on a balmy night. A series of timber-batten screens enable the occupants to control their environment - open or closed, public or private - and create beautiful ever-changing shadows to the spaces within.

  • Sitting in one of Manly's leafiest streets this home is refined, yet beautifully detailed, to make the most of its site and climate. The over-arching design intent was to use a limited material selection inspired by the palette of the surrounding area but crafted purposefully and carefully. The design team took care to ensure the building can breathe, with batten shutters opening and closing to suit the weather. A raw stacked stone wall adds depth and texture to the interior spaces. This, coupled with the timber-lined ceiling and polished concrete floors, create a series of interlaces spaces that effortlessly flow into each other, from informal to formal, refined and robust, all at the same time. Open-plan living spaces spill outdoors and to the pool area, blurring the line between outside and inside while emphasising the garden outlook and natural light-filled spaces. The muted palette creates a gentle backdrop for resident's furniture and possessions, with storage maximised to ensure everything has its place. The result is a house that is effortless, yet exciting, and robust for family living.