Ah Chair

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Andrew Scully

Commissioned By:

Andrew Scully

Designed In:


The Ah Chair is an ultra light, portable, durable, simple and comfortable outdoor chair. It is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere, from the top of mountains, in your sleeping bag, to the beach. It is also a therapeutic device which eases back pain by correcting posture.

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  • The challenge was to design a device to ease back pain and provide a rest after hiking. It needed to be light enough to carry, affordable, durable and comfortable in a variety of outdoor situations. Existing chairs are relatively heavy, between 600g and 1400g; complex in manufacture and expensive due to the requirement of supporting the user's weight. These chairs use a "hammock" method of support which does not promote correct posture and does little to ease lower back pain.

  • The solution was to use the user's feet and legs to help support the weight of the user's back rather than the chair. This is achieved through a simple strap which is adjusted through buckles to achieve the desired level of support. The Chair, at 210 grams is extremely lightweight and portable. The footplate and back rest can be moved up and down to provide a stretch to the hamstrings and glutes and to pull the lower back into the correct alignment. This eases back pain during (and also after) use. It's extremely comfortable, strong, durable and affordable.

  • The impact of the product has been very pleasing to date with excellent reviews from several skeptical testers. Back pain can be a big problem for many people and devices that encourage a non-pharmacologic approach are better for people's overall health. The potential market impact is significant with nothing similar on the market worldwide and a booming outdoor industry. The chair can be marketed at beach goers, travellers, hikers, picnickers, caravaners and mountaineers. From an environmental perspective, wood and cotton canvas can be recycled and the durability of the nylon strap ensures many, many years of use.

  • The innovative step in the design that is a world first in portable chairs is to use feet to support the user's back. This allows the chair to be simply made; the support is where you need it, correcting posture whilst allowing rest. Key features of the design are in the selection of natural materials as far as possible. Lightweight cotton canvas is strong, durable and washable. It feel good to touch. It maintains a certain stiffness that allows the chair to be easy to use. The marine-ply footplate is similar to a skateboard deck which is light, strong and pleasing to the eye. It is varnished in a natural oil. The Ah Chair is very easy to use and instantly provides back pain relief which continues after you stop using it, as you are reminded to maintain a better posture. It's very safe in use. There are similar posture aids available word wide but none have been designed to be as portable and versatile as the Ah Chair. It enhances the user's experience of the outdoor environment by removing discomfort. The chair is extremely well made and has a rrp of $45, making it very affordable.