AEG 18V Fusion Hedge Trimmer

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The AEG 18v Fusion Hedge Trimmer gives you power and precision for a professional result, whether you’re pruning, trimming or shaping, vertically or horizontally and anything in between. It has been designed for everyday use in the toughest conditions with reduced vibration, impressive run time, reduced noise, no petrol hassle.

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  • The first launch 18V outdoor tools on AEG history depended on deliberative marketing and design strategies. We did lots of product research and usability study for the professional outdoor market. Balancing the battery size, product size and weight is the main design consideration to ensure the satisfaction of the daily job duty for the professional users and including the petrol users. Design also gives the user the premium product appearance and quality operating experience under the technology of our power pack and brushless motor.

  • The AEG 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer skin is an excellent combination of ergonomics & power. The outer rotor Advanced Brushless Motor provides smooth cutting performance in a well-balanced package. The 550mm steel blades with a 26mm cut capacity, enables the unit to clear a large amount of material. The rear-rotating handle features positive stops in three positions, to ensure the optimal grip angle. Exposed magnesium casting helps to reduce weight, and also provides quick access for blade changes. Pair up the 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer skin with a FORCE battery.

  • Petrol power is so yesterday. The new cordless garden range includes tools with the latest brushless technology that delivers all the power of petrol at the push of a Button. MORE POWER: Brushless technology loses the age old copper rotor, and matches the energy supply with its power requirment. ZERO EMISSIONS: Battery powered brushless technology has absolutely zero emissions. MORE EFFICIENT: Less friction means a lower running temperature. LESS NOISE AND VIBRATION: Brushless motors use magnets instead of brushes and rotors, eliminating noise and vibration.

  • * Powerful Advanced Brushless Motor technology * 550mm blade length, 26mm cut capacity * Rear rotating handle * Blade tip guard for protection * Magnesium-exposed casting creates a lightweight design * Accessible blades for faster replacements * Includes sheath and hanging hole for storage