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Acorns is the fastest growing savings and investment app. It allows people to round-up their daily purchases and automatically invest the change into a commission-free diversified portfolio of ETFs offered by the world’s top asset managers. The app was built with natural human behavior in mind to inspire realist investment strategies.

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  • Round-ups is the feature which allows Acorns users to invest by just using their spare change. Acorns makes it possible to link your spending accounts (EFTPOS, debit and credit cards etc.). Then, you round up the virtual change from every transaction; if you buy a coffee for $3.50, Acorns rounds up that purchase to $4 and invests the 50c into your Acorns portfolio. The goal of the round-ups is to help people invest money every day, even if it's just a small amount. We think the best way to accomplish this is by linking investing to something we all do every day - spending. Our research found that 40% of young Australians' main saving tactic is to “save whatever is left at the end of the month”. We know that

  • Customers get started with Acorns in minutes using only a few pieces of information. After creating an account, a customer selects their bank, enters their online login credentials, and answers their bank's security questions. This connects the account's credit and debit cards to the Acorns system and allows the user to make deposits or withdrawals to and from the associated bank account. After a few short personal and financial questions, Acorns can verify the customer's identity. The customer receives a choice of portfolios, complete with an interactive estimated future value calculator, a portfolio breakdown, and detailed information about portfolio holdings. A customer can then choose a portfolio based on

  • With Acorns, anyone can own a diversified portfolio of over 1000 companies, with just $5.Our 5 portfolios have been constructed by a team of experts including Nobel Prize winning economist, Harry Markowitz. Using modern portfolio theory, our portfolios seek to give investors the maximum level of return for any given level of risk, that is to say that our portfolios lie along the efficient market frontier.With traditional investing there are barriers to creating an effective portfolio and strategy. Not only is it traditionally expensive to buy such a number of stocks and bonds, but the research and expertise required to make the right choices can be unrealistic for most people outside the finance industry.