A6 memobottle

  • 2017

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Jesse Leeworthy

Commissioned By:

memobottle Pty Ltd - Co-Founders Jonathan Byrt and Jesse Leeworthy

Designed In:


A6 memobottle is a breath of fresh air in a crowded water bottle market. Sitting between the timeless and the contemporary the A6 memobottle is minimal, slim and exudes unrivalled elegance. Mimicking the international paper size, A6 memobottle slides seamlessly into handbags, laptop cases and even the back pocket.

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  • People are resistant to change. When presented with two options many select the convenient or cheaper option, regardless of the environmental or social implications. To break habits around single-use drink bottles, Leeworthy knew he had to offer something that was truly convenient, beautiful and sustainable in design. The A6 memobottle had to make people think, and encourage people to ask questions. Leeworthy was both frustrated with the environmental impact of the status quo and intrigued as to why all bottles were cylindrical. Bottles hadn't changed shape in decades yet laptops and computer bags were all flat in their design. Round bottles just didn't fit with modern lives. So, he flipped the equation.

  • Mimicking the size of an A6 sheet of paper, the style is conveyed by the sleek edging, soft corners, and offset spout. The simplistic branding and 'A6' on one side resonates with the classic design. While the A6 memobottle is a mesmerising object, it is not until it is full of water that the intelligence of design can be truly admired. The pellucid finish of the A6 memobottle allows the simple beauty of water in fluid motion to be the hero, when so often it is overlooked. In the A6 memobottle, water is not a commodity, but a gift, and as society continues to increase waste and consumables, the A6 memobottle asks us to pause and contemplate the beauty, importance and power of the gift that is drinking water.