86 400 smartbank

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Jessa Jakovlijevic
  • Sarah Tran
  • Nick Flower
  • Esther Cha

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86 400

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86 400, Australia’s first smartbank, launched in September 2019 to offer a smarter alternative to banking and help Australians take control of their money. In 2020, we embarked on a project to reduce confusion, wait times and ultimately the stress and frustration that comes with buying or refinancing a home.

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Image: Sarah Tran
Image: Sarah Tran
Image: Sarah Tran
Image: Sarah Tran
Image: Sarah Tran
Image: Sarah Tran
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  • Over two years of qualitative and quantitative research went into designing the home loans journey. 70% of Australians have experienced challenges in the home loan process, with more than a quarter saying they are delaying buying a home. 68% of Australians said they experienced challenges when applying for a home loan. 58% of Australians said they were unsure what documents banks required. The complex application processes and long waiting times for approval left people feeling anxious and frustrated. The challenge was to design an innovative solution leveraging smart technology, helping Australians apply for a home loan easily and with confidence.

  • The investment in the design of the 86 400 online home loans journeys, its strategic thought, and regular face-to-face customer testing has positively impacted business performance. It has recently launched and had already seen some of the positive impacts to date, including: *An NPS score of +46, putting us at the top of the banking sector *A projected 150 million dollars in applications * Applicants in our Initial Launch have completed in less than an hour, in one sitting and unconditionally approved in less than 24 hours.

  • The aim of the project was to launch a streamlined application process based on customer-led frameworks and experiences, that focused on trust, emotion & simplicity. By leveraging smart technology solutions, an application can be completed in less than 20 minutes and includes: Verifying applicant's identity through online ID documents Connecting to an applicants other bank account to automatically categorise transactions and populate their income, expenses and liabilities Digital signatures on loan offer and other home loan documents in one online hub

  • *Reduce the anxiety of waiting, with one of the fastest approvals in the market With 40% of Australians saying the home loan process is "stressful", and 30% saying it's "a waiting game", we wanted to quickly reduce wait times and give customers an answer in response to their home loan application. On average, the turnaround time for big banks, is 2-3 weeks. 86 400 has managed to achieve unconditional approvals in as little as hours and full approvals within the same business day. This is mainly due to the digital processes used to assess the application form. *Help Australians take control of their money Once approved, customers can manage their money and everyday spending with the 86 400 banking app. The banking app allows customers to see all their money in one place, by connecting their accounts with other banks. Customers will automatically see their upcoming bills based on previous transactions and monitor their savings growth over time. Additionally, we build these features on a design aesthetic that promotes trust, simplicity and the core customer outcomes.