3D printed Taekwondo Shoes

  • 2018

  • Next Gen

Designed By:

  • Sung Myeong HA

Commissioned By:

Sung Myeong Ha RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Designed In:


As future arises, technology of the shoes and shoe soles has been keep increasing. This 3D printed Taekwondo shoes are made in lattice structure to increase cushioning that could demonstrate through 3D printing and also an aesthetic toward futuristic look in shoes itself.

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  • New way approaching design methods and its future. 3D modeling skill to design product which I find its futuristic and also a new way of design approach in its methods. Have to consider many design factors especially ergonomics since its something user actually get to 'wear' not just use. This design is going to be for professional sportman especially Taekwondo player to use during their practice.

  • Through learning different 3D modeling software such as; Fusion 360, Remake, mexhmixer, mudbox, zbrush, elements and more, and using different method in designing, away from traditional sketching, mock-up, prototyping. using more sketching, modeling, refining design through modeling, mock-up, prototyping. Also prototyping though 3D printer than using my physical ability to model my design. Needed to learn more about foot and players movement to design better sole patterns and also the upper part to bring better support and engage bigger performance.

  • Using 3D modeling skill to design footwear is something that is not common in footwear design society or any design faculties. I have used lattice structure sole design within voronoi pattern surrounding the outside shell area of the sole within 3 different panel that has different sole pattern that impacts players movement better for their performances. Upper of the shoe comes in 3 different materials within different functionality. the ankle part gives a 'sock' look to grab players ankle, elastic band near the hamstirng of the ankle give better flow to the movement and shell part protecting players foot.

  • Lattice structure comes with different thickness depending on the amount of pressure player input through players movement. I have gotten this from foot distribution map of each person and layered it on program call 'element' to manufacture different thickness from the map. 3 panel of the shoes bring different movement triangular shaped panel which has biggest contact within ground when player kicks has the circular pattern on the bottom of the shoes, to help player to pivot their foot easier and faster, front panel has many different lines throughout the outsole where it helps player to run and move faster in different direction. Every panel has tiny crosses all around the sole where it brings big friction so that there is more gripping to the ground. Sole panel is divided into two, it's because of the movement of the player, they tend to bend their foot a lot to extend their power towards the kicks and to kick longer and higher, to help their movement, I have decided to have two panels.