Top Left: OZHarvest Annual Report on a Van, Good Design Award Best in Class, Print Category, Communication Design. Top Right: SKillness® Campaign, Good Design Award Winner, Social Impact Category. Bottom Left: Method 20 Bin System, Good Design Award Winner, Commercial and Industrial Category. Bottom Right: Sunshine Coast Design Strategy, Good Design Award Gold Winner, Urban Design Category.
  • What are the different Good Design Award Accolades?

    The Good Design Award accolades are among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement symbols in the industry. These registered trademarks are visible indicators of good design principles and an organisation's commitment to design excellence.

    The Good Design Award Winner accolade is awarded to products, services or projects that, in the opinion of the judges have satisfied the evaluation criteria for Good Design. There is no limit to the number of Good Design Award Winner accolades.

    The Good Design Award Gold accolade is awarded to products, services or projects that have not only met the criteria for Good Design, but exceed them. There is no limit to the number of Good Design Award Gold accolades.

    The Good Design Award Best in Class accolade represents the highest level of design excellence in a sub-category and represents absolute best in class design. The Good Design Award Best in Class accolade is limited to the top 30 projects in the Good Design Awards. Recipients are presented on stage at the annual Good Design Awards Ceremony.

    Good Design Award Sustainability is awarded to an entry that represents the highest level of excellence in sustainable design practice and is limited to only one (1) recipient that in the judge’s opinion, will have a positive impact in promoting excellence in sustainable design.

    The Good Design Award of the Year is the highest design honour bestowed in the Awards and is granted to only one (1) overall winning product, service or project that represents groundbreaking design at an international level. The recipient must surpass all design evaluation criteria and in the judge’s opinion, showcase absolute excellence in design at every level. Above all, the recipient of this coveted accolade must demonstrate that it is making a positive impact in helping shape a better, safer and more sustainable world, through design.
  • How many entries can I submit into the Good Design Awards?

    Applicants may enter as many entries as they would like to be assessed by our international expert judging panel. The same entry may also be submitted in more than one category if applicable.
  • Can I enter a product range as a single entry?

    Yes. A product range is only eligible for entry if every product within the range is represented and submitted for assessment in the range. Alternatively, products within this range are eligible for individual entry providing that they do not carry the word ‘range’ in the Entry Name and, if selected, the accolade must be attributed to the individual product assessed rather than the range it is a part of. For more clarification, please contact us.
  • My entry is not designed or sold in Australia – am I still eligible to enter?

    Yes. The Good Design Awards is an international design awards program and accepts entries designed and developed anywhere in the world. The key requirement is that the entry is commercially available and not a prototype or concept.
  • How much does it cost to enter the Good Design Awards?

    The Good Design Awards Registration Fee is $450 + GST per entry.
    Entry in the Social Impact category is $150 + GST per entry.
    Entry in the Next Gen category is free.

    All winning entries are automatically included in the Winners Package at an additional cost (based on company size). All applicants are able to opt-out of this if they so choose.

    The cost of transporting entries (if required) to and from the assessment venue must be covered by the applicant.
  • Are there any discounts for submitting multiple entries?

    The Registration Fee is a standard fee that does not attract a discount.

    A multiple Winners Package discount is available. The first three (3) Winners Packages are charged at the rates listed in Entry Fees. Applicants that purchase more than three (3) Good Design Award Winners Packages, will receive their fourth Winners Package and any additional Winners Packages at no extra cost. Offer limited to a maximum of eight (8) Winners Packages. Nine or more Winners Packages will receive a 50% discount on full price. (Subject to Terms and Conditions).
  • What is the Winner’s Package and why do I have to pay for this?

    Winning entries that receive a Good Design Award will be included in the Winners Package at an additional cost.

    The Good Design Awards program operates on a break-even basis with all revenue generated from the program invested in the management of the Awards and promotion of Good Design Award winning projects.

    We take great pride in setting and maintaining international best practice in our judging process and are proudly one of the few international design award programs who conduct a hands-on evaluation of entries consisting of highly respected national and international design experts.

    Our Good Design Awards evaluation process is proudly recognised as being one of the most rigorous in the industry. While some design award programs conduct their evaluations online without any face-to-face deliberations, we do not believe this sets a high enough benchmark for international best practice.

    Our annual Good Design Awards Ceremony is regarded as one of the most celebrated design events in the world and an event of this stature incurs significant costs.

    While we receive limited corporate sponsorship, these funds alone do not cover the cost of operating the Awards to the high standards we set.

    We make the Winners Package an option for applicants, unlike other award programs where this service is compulsory on entry.

    Applicants can opt-out of the Winners Package if they so choose but must do so in writing before the Winners Package Opt-Out Deadline to allow us enough time to plan the Good Design Awards Ceremony, Yearbook and other associated events.
  • What is included in the Winners Package?

    Entries that qualify for the Good Design Award accolades are eligible to purchase the Winners Package for an additional fee. The Winners Package includes:
    - Unlimited use of the Good Design Award Tick Trademarks
    - Winner’s Profile featured on Good Design Index™
    - Featured in Good Design Awards Yearbook
    - Good Design Award Trophy
    - Good Design Award Certificate
    - Personalised Media Release with Judges Comments
    - Exclusive access to pre-release tickets for Good Design Awards Ceremony and After Party
    - One Good Design Awards Yearbook (incl. delivery)
    - Opportunity to feature in international and domestic exhibitions (subject to selection)
    - Use of the Korean Good Design Award Logo
  • What if I do not take up the Winners Package?

    If you choose to opt-out of the Winners Package you will not receive any of the Winners Package Benefits.

    Your entry will still be listed in the Good Design Awards Yearbook and you may request a digital copy of the Good Design Award Certificate.
  • When can I purchase tickets to the Good Design Awards Gala Night?

    Tickets to the annual Good Design Awards Presentation Ceremony and Gala Night are strictly limited due to the capacity of the event. Tickets will be made available soon after winners have been notified and will be available for purchase through our website.
  • Can I use the Good Design Tick overseas and under a different brand name?

    Yes. Once you purchase the Winners Package, you and any third parties associated with the design and development of the entry are entitled to unlimited logo reproduction for the lifetime of the entry across all platforms as it is internationally registered and recognised.
    The Good Design Tick trademarks are linked to the product entered rather than the brand therefore if you sell your product overseas under a different brand name, you are able to use the Good Design Tick to promote your entry under affiliate brands.