Five Good (Great) Reasons to Enter


If you’ve been debating on whether to enter the Awards this year or perhaps you know you want to enter, but just need something a little extra to persuade your boss – don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Be Part of the Design Effect this Year

In general, Awards serve as crucial platforms for recognising and encouraging innovation around the world. They strive to celebrate the transformational way change-makers – regardless of their industry – contribute to a better, brighter and safer future for all. Being awarded means being part of the progress.

The Australian Good Design Awards boast a rich history of over sixty-six years and throughout the decades, thousands of designs, designers and design processes have faced the rigorous judging process of the esteemed Jury, on the road towards the coveted Australian Good Design Award Trophy.

These awards not only celebrate excellence, but also connect participants with a broader network of professionals, providing collaborative opportunities and inspiring future projects. By being part of these Awards, you help lead a culture of innovation that benefits us as an industry and as a society.

This year’s theme, the Design Effect, aims to showcase the profound ripple effects that good design can have on people, place and planet. It’s about co-designing closely, challenging conventions and harnessing the power of creativity to positively transform the ways we live, work, play and grow.

Winners at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards. Image: Kit Photography

Top 5 reasons entering the Australian Good Design Awards is an excellent idea…

  1. Independent Expert Review: The Australian Good Design Awards Jury, which consists of leading design, architecture and engineering experts from around the world, take the judging process very seriously, debating, discussing and (sometimes) arguing about the merits of good design in a multi-stage judging journey. Winners know that their project has undergone rigorous evaluation, by the best of the best and have come out on top. The Winner’s Package also includes ready-to-use comments from our expert Jury endorsing your project.
  1. Promotion, Exposure and Recognition: The Good Design Winner’s Package (visualised below) provides an elevated platform to showcase and celebrate your work to a wider audience, including potential clients, investors and partners. The Good Design Tick trademark is a visible indicator of design excellence that boosts a brand’s reputation and credibility.
  1. Immerse Yourself in Excellence: Being a Winner of the Australian Good Design Awards means being part of the Good Design Community – where we aim to connect you with peers, industry leaders and other change-makers. Making connections that hopefully lead to lots more collaborations, new opportunities and lots of added value!
  1. Differentiate by Design: Products, projects and brands recognised with the Australian Good Design Award gain an edge in the marketplace. Recognition ear-marks you as being a leader in the space.
  1. Super-charge your Story-telling, to Better Communicate your Value and Impact: The entry process serves as an excellent tool for documenting a project’s journey and refining the way your team communicates the impact of your work. This can be really useful for marketing, case studies and pitching for future work.

BONUS REASON… (because we just couldn’t squash it into 5!)

  1. Feel Good Factor: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being told they’re doing great work? Being recognised at an international level is not only a massive morale booster, it also acknowledges the enormous amount of hard work and dedication that goes into really great projects and ultimately will inspire more excellence and innovation.

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our Winners had to say…

“Carrying the Australian Good Design Award logo is a testament to good design, resulting in a quality Australian product we are proud to launch into the US outdoor lighting market.”

  • Edglit

“It’s great that we discovered the Australian Good Design Awards, it’s delivering value even prior to submission.

Being limited to a set amount of words for each criteria really helps us narrow down our pitch explaining the product journey. We’re finding as a result of entering these Awards, that we’re better able to promote the product and can explain the benefits in a more relatable and efficient manner.”

  • Delta Electronics Australia

“The most exciting Design Awards program…”

  • Tim Riches, Group Strategy Director and Principal, Principals / Good Design Award Winner / Good Design Ambassador

“We were thrilled to see our flagship program, Activate, walk away with a 2023 Australian Good Design Award. The Australian Good Design Awards showcase the very best in design and innovation to a worldwide audience. Originally established in 1958… the Awards have been setting the international standard for good design for more than six decades.”

  • Future Anything

“Thanks to the team at Good Design Australia for your recognition of our Client’s innovations, and thanks to our talented design and engineering team for winning these prestigious awards!”

  • Boost Design

Join the Design Effect movement and push not only the world of the design, but our society, environment and future forward.

The 2024 Australian Good Design Awards are open now. Entries close at midnight Friday 3rd May.

Find out more and start your entry now.

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