Dr Robert Crocker

Deputy Director
China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development

Robert is Deputy Director of the China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, a partnership with Tianjin University, where he is also a guest researcher.

With an Oxford Doctorate in early modern history of science and philosophy, Robert’s research is cross-disciplinary, and for the last decade has focused largely on the social and environmental problems associated with consumption and waste.

He has written and published widely on aspects of the circular economy, waste and consumption, and design for sustainability.

His book, Somebody Else’s Problem: Consumerism, Design and Sustainability (Greenleaf 2016), won gold in the Axiom Best Business Books for 2017 (sustainability).

Over the last five years he has organised and convened four international conferences and three exhibitions on these themes, the latest being The Transparency Project: Everyday Products, Consumer Knowledge and Environmental Impacts (February 2020).