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Zip Water

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Zip Micro™, our smallest under-bench system (37% narrower) is designed to fit under almost any kitchen bench. It leverages HydroTap patented technology to deliver filtered perfectly boiling and chilled water instantly. The intuitive twist tap is designed for modern simplicity and integration into any kitchen to deliver pure tasting water.

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Design + Industry
Design + Industry
Design + Industry
Design + Industry
Design + Industry
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  • With kitchens now an extension of living spaces, design trends point towards seamless integration, de-cluttering, convenience and sustainability. Zip HydroTap delivers the convenience of boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water instantly but not all kitchens have the under-bench space required to fit such a system. The design brief for Micro was to develop a smaller under-bench system that delivers the same filtered boiling and chilled water performance as HydroTap. The brief also required the development of a new tap designed for modern simplicity, intuitive water selection and user experience, and that was unique to the Micro proposition.

  • Micro is 37% narrower than the HydroTap under-bench system so fits under almost any bench making it perfect for residential kitchens and workplace kitchens for up to 10 people. Micro uses Zip patented technology to deliver the same filtered boiling and chilled water performance as HydroTap. Micro has been developed with functionality, safety and aesthetics in mind. The new tap design features an integrated safety lock and uses an intuitive twist activation with auto and manual fill options. It's available in contemporary colour finishes - bright chrome and matte black. The under-bench system has been modernised to a matte black finish.

  • Micro has been designed with quality, efficiency and sustainability in mind. Micro (37% narrower) delivers the same boiling and chilled water performance as the HydroTap. Patented PowerPulse® Technology saves energy by delivering a precise amount of energy to the heating element to reach the set boiling water temperature, it then uses small pulses to ensure the target temperature is precisely maintained. No water is used in the chilling process making it 100% water efficient. Micro meets the needs of the rapidly growing anti-single use plastic bottle movement. It's designed & manufactured in Sydney, following "Just-in-Time" process to ensure internationally competitive manufacturing.

  • The Micro tap is available in water combination options: Boiling, Boiling and Chilled. • Zip MicroPurity™ filtration delivers pure tasting water. Filters are independently certified to international and Australian quality and performance standards. • Energy mode option allows the under-bench unit to go into sleep mode if it hasn't been used for 2 hours - reduces energy consumed when in low use. • Both the Micro tap and under-bench system have been developed using Human Centred Design principles and have leveraged engineering excellence to be optimised for D.F.M. • Over 100 Zip specialised technicians and 350 authorised service providers nationally, fully trained and qualified. Repair rate above 90% on first time attendance. • Zip Water is the only Australian manufacturer in our category accredited with the following internationally recognised standards: ISO14001 – Environmental Systems compliance and independently audited standards, ISO9001 – Quality Management System, AS/NZS 4801 – Workplace Health and Safety System. • Zip is committed to being an environmentally responsible company with demonstrated commitment. Results from recent years: -28% saving in gas consumption with the consequential 28% reduction in the resulting CO2 emissions - 25% reduction in waste -25% paper waste reduction. paper waste goes into recycling -9% reduction in metal use overall per product -11% reduction in electricity consumption