Zeta Surgical – Neurosurgical Navigation System

  • 2023

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Zeta Surgical

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Zeta is an innovative surgical navigation system designed for neurosurgical interventions. By utilising computer vision, AI, and real-time tracking, it assists neurosurgeons in accurately operating across any surgical setting, increasing safety and efficacy. This rapidly deployable single-cart system caters to medical professionals in high-pressure environments.

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  • This project addresses the pressing need for a precise, rapidly deployable neurosurgical navigation system, starting with assisting withEVD placement in ICU/ER settings. Traditional systems are cumbersome, slow, and complex to operate, hindering their usage in fast-paced environments. The challenge was to design a solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technologies, such as computer vision and AI, while prioritising user-friendliness and adaptability. The resulting Zeta system exceeds the brief by offering a compact, single-cart design, quick deployment, real-time patient and surgical tool tracking, and enhanced ergonomics, providing neurosurgeons with an invaluable tool to improve patient outcomes in critical situations.

  • The Zeta system's design journey focused on addressing the need for an efficient, accurate neurosurgical navigation solution in ICU/ER settings. Key milestones included developing a single-cart system for rapid deployment, incorporating articulating arms for versatile positioning, and integrating computer vision and AI for real-time patient and tool tracking. Challenges included optimising system precision, ensuring user-friendliness, and designing for space-constrained environments. By overcoming these obstacles, Zeta offers marker-less registration, sub-millimetre accuracy, and a streamlined workflow, enabling neurosurgeons to confidently perform EVD placements with higher accuracy, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes in critical situations.

  • Zeta's innovative design has far-reaching implications on commercial, environmental, and societal levels. Commercially, it targets the growing neurosurgical robotics market, offering a competitive edge with its unique features and rapid deployment capabilities. Environmentally, Zeta adheres to Lean manufacturing processes, promoting resource efficiency and waste reduction. Societally, Zeta addresses a critical healthcare challenge by enhancing emergent interventions such as EVD placement, by minimising potential damage to neurologic structures. This results in improved patient outcomes and reduced complications in over 35,000 emergency EVD procedures performed annually in the US. Overall, Zeta's design revolutionises neurosurgical navigation in ICU/ER environments, benefiting both practitioners + patients.

  • Zeta boasts numerous innovative design features that set it apart in the neurosurgical navigation space: RealTrack™: A marker-less registration system that streamlines the process, eliminating the need for fiducial markers and manual image-to-patient registration. Integration of computer vision and AI: Enables real-time tracking of patients and surgical tools, correlating the information with CT/MRI data for precise guidance. Rapid deployment: A single-cart design with a small footprint allows for quick setup in space-restricted ICU/ER environments. Articulating arms: Provide optimal reach, height positioning, and ergonomic support for the touchscreen display, camera, tracker, and drape, ensuring efficient workflow and ease of use. Novel drape attachment mechanism: Enhances sterile field setup, reducing time and risk of contamination. Touchscreen display: Offers an intuitive interface for neurosurgeons, presenting patient and instrument tracking data graphically and guides them through neurosurgical procedures in a step-by-step format. Backup power supply: Ensures uninterrupted operation during critical procedures. Ergonomic aluminium handles: Protect arm touchpoints for durability + user comfort. Premium contrasting CFM: Represents value and reduces visual bulk, contributing to a sleek, high-technology appearance. These key features, in combination with Zeta's focus on rapid deployment + ease of use, create a comprehensive, user-friendly system that elevates the accuracy and efficiency of surgical procedures.