ZANETI presents: ‘ALTITUDE’ – Modular Sofa System for Public Spaces

  • 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Zaneti presents our ‘Altitude’ – a sophisticated, ergonomically designed modular seating system that fits seamlessly into public spaces.

‘Altitude’ offers an on-the-go solution that’s convenient, comfortable and re-configurable.

The curved, stylish shape of the pieces is designed for use in hospitals, airport lounges, hotel lobbies and shopping centres.

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Image: Zaneti R&D
Image: Zaneti R&D
Image: Zaneti R&D
Image: Zaneti R&D
Image: Zaneti R&D
Image: Zaneti R&D
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  • With a core ethos of bringing new concepts and adapting to the rapidly changing demands of public spaces, the 'Altitude' collection designed by Zaneti needed to be carefully conceived to balance innovation, form, usability and convenience to enhance the traveller & customer experience. For consideration in public spaces demanding high-performance and serviceability, the design of 'Altitude' needed to also consider robustness. Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world, not the planet: environmental impact and achieving sustainability were two further key considerations in the concept stages when developing 'Altitude'.

  • Used primarily by customers waiting for flights, accommodation, or patients and visitors, 'Altitude' comprises a system of mobile, modular sofa units based on a beam structure, enabling a diverse re-structuring of the area with the same parts. The units are optionable in tandem or clusters as required, with option of integrated side tables, armrests, backrests and power/accessory outlets, creating positive experiences for visitors. Surpassing anything seen before, the sofa units are accented with neutral, earthy colours and high-wearing textiles. The materials are sustainable, with parts designed for ease of serviceability without the need to replace the entire product.

  • Zaneti has found the solution to ensuring that the traveller's unique needs are met, which is key to the success of public space businesses. With the introduction of 'Altitude', these spaces benefit from investing in this sofa-style seating. Owing to the wide range of unit types - linear, curved, corners, poufs and beam options which deepen its possible compositions - 'Altitude' can be used freely or combined in a virtually endless number of configurations to fit the demands of the space. With its diversity, 'Altitude' can be adapted to enhancing the traveller/customer experience, enhancing comfort and promoting positive spaces.

  • Zaneti products are purposefully designed to the highest standards of durability, comfort and safety. Our products are built to last as long as possible. Through the design process, we ensure product strength is never compromised. Just as much innovation and thought goes into the materials Zaneti products are made of — and how they’re made — as into what they do. Across its components and substructures, 'Altitude' makes use of die-cast aluminium legs and extruded beam. The benefits include: - High-performing material with incredible strength and wear, preventing rust - Lighter weight, allowing ease of re-configuration Sofa subunit options include: - Moulded foam seats with or without backrests; - Option of closed corners at 90 degrees - Option of open and closed corners at 45 degrees Being modular, the seating can be integrated with table surfaces as well as dividing panels to separate users. These options include: - Fitting power, USB A, USB C chargers, and wireless charging to seats or surfaces - Inclusion of side tables in place of seats - Addition of sound-absorbing back panels to reduce foot-traffic and public area noise