Yokato Tap

  • 2015

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • The Brodware Design Team

Commissioned By:

Brodware Management

Designed In:


Brodware has had an enduring commitment to design authenticity and innovation for over five decades. Our dedication to unsurpassed excellence, expert detailing and true superior craftsmanship is exemplified with the Yokato collection.

The Yokato Tap set is a clean and simplistic fitting which is forged from industrial inspired architectural design, genuine materials and unique aesthetics. The intricacies of the knurled details, simple geometric lines and minimal trims are illuminated by the substance of this iconic design.

Both powerful and refined the Yokato collection offers a sophistication of its own. Living finishes including Weathered Brass, Brushed brass and Vecchio provide a range of design options.

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  • The Brodware design team has portrayed the essence of minimalistic industrial influence which has been captured throughout the complete Yokato collection. Connecting this design vision with all 37 products, each component is engineered to work seamlessly and complement one another in perfect proportion, allowing the architect or designer to create a visually uniform design inspired bathroom.

  • Solid brass material is the elemental core of every piece within the Yokato collection, giving substance and form. Unlike lesser chromed zinc and plastic alternatives, solid brass construction ensures durability, longevity and a trouble-free solution.

  • Embracing any imagination the Yokato tap set is available in a variety of over 20 custom finishes including living and organic. This bespoke customisation creates a personalised bathroom environment, presenting untold options to make any space your own.