xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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As underground mines are getting deeper and more complex, ground conditions are becoming more challenging to manage. The Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System provides a real-time flow of convergence data straight to safety managers, enabling them to monitor and deal with risks before they become dangerous and costly.

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  • Worker safety in mining environments is paramount, and the dangers of tunnel collapse require complex monitoring to detect and avoid. Tunnel convergence is a common issue that poses significant safety risks for workers and is measured with manual, labour intensive processes. Sometimes sandy walls can move up to a meter, where stone walls should not move by more than a millimeter, and identifying movements quickly and accurately is critical to the safety of workers. Designing a solution that would fit into existing tunnel environments as well as new ones with minimal installation effort and high reliability were key requirements.

  • Sandvik partnered with Ingenuity Design Group to design a compact, wireless sensing system that can be easily installed in both new and existing tunnel projects. The system uses state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to measure the movement of surrounding rock and detect any potential convergence. Extensive testing has been conducted to ensure the system was accurate, reliable, and has a low false alarm rate. The durable sensor mounts to rock bolts already used extensively in tunnel walls and continuously measure distance to the opposite face. This data is then collected by the vehicle mounted receiver and uploaded to the cloud.

  • The xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System significantly impacts the mining, and civil engineering industries by providing live data on tunnel convergence to prevent major tragedies, giving power to the workers to safely and accurately make decisions around their own safety. The system decreases the time mine workers need to spend underground (i.e. in a dangerous environment), as well as increasing accuracy and consistency of measurements. The impact of this is far reaching, not only significantly increasing safety and efficiency, but also worker satisfaction. Measurements can be made faster, and more frequently than what was previously possible, at a much lower cost.

  • The xCell Cyclops™ device utilises range finder laser sensor to take measurements up to 20m away within an accuracy of 2mm. It’s clever adjustable ball-mount mechanism allows for quick, easy and secure installation using a single allen key. Once installed, it can operate for up to 3 years – taking measurements constantly, without having to change batteries. The device has been designed for extreme environments, utilising multi-shot injection moulded shock resistant materials. The combination of materials used for the enclosure allow for optical clarity for effective laser transmission, and light diffusion for maximum visibility of the safety lighting. Data collection is instant where WiFi systems are available on site, or as easy as driving past a sensor with the xCell Professor gateway device active to collect the data via Bluetooth for review above ground. The Sandvik dashboard provides the data in a clear and easy to manage format allowing operators to make critical decisions quickly. The ability to install a series of xCell Cyclops™ units in safety critical areas offers mine operators a long-term, spatial monitoring solution at a low cost.