Xbox One S

  • 2017

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Microsoft Corporation

Designed In:


The Xbox One S is the ultimate gaming and entertainment system.

The system is capable of 4K HD Blu-ray and video streaming, High Dynamic Range and is 40% smaller than the previous Xbox One.

Additional features include IR blaster, internal power supply and up to 2 TB of internal storage.

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  • In a category cluttered with over-styled plastic boxes, the Xbox One S stands out with its fresh robot white color scheme and simple, modern design. The form signals a change in the gaming industry by introducing a more approachable and universal design that appeals to a broader audience and fits a wider range of home decor. By reimagining the iconic Xbox white and reintroducing vertical orientation, the Xbox One S signifies a true reinvention of the Xbox console. Utilizing a unibody top housing integrating multiple features, the design is immediately recognized and creates an iconic brand statement. The Xbox One S controller was also updated with an improved grip texture and slimmer more comfortable design.

  • The Xbox One S in the fastest, most intuitive way for customers to enjoy Xbox games. Simply connect the console to your TV and Wi-Fi network and you're ready to go. The integrated IR blaster can be configured to control other devices such as your TV, audio/video receiver and cable/satellite receiver. In addition, the HDMI-In port allows you to connect a cable or satellite set-top box allowing you to control TV content through your Xbox One. The Xbox One S may also be connected to a Kinect sensor to allow for voice and gesture control and automatic sign-in.

  • The Xbox One S is designed to provide years of safe, quiet operation for a wide variety of customers around the world. The console may be operated either horizontally or vertically with the vertical stand attached. The controller has been painstakingly refined through multiple user studies for hours of comfortable use. Both the console and controller meet all regulatory and compliance standards for each country where they are sold.

  • The console and controller have been designed for repair without the use of permanent adhesives. In addition, at end of life, all components are labeled for recycling.

    Through an innovative design approach and the most complex injection molding tool the company has ever attempted, the primary housing enclosure was molded out of one seamless, unibody part. This not only reduced product cost, it also reduced assembly time, increased product quality by removing part breaks and created an iconic, beautiful design. The Xbox One S and Wireless controller have been designed for years of reliable, maintenance free use.

    Xbox is about Xbox fans. The millions of Xbox fans are some of the most important and engaged Microsoft customers. The Xbox One S provides these fans an affordable, desirable entry point into the Xbox ecosystem. From the business standpoint, the Xbox One S contributed substantial growth to the number of networked community members in Xbox Live, reaching an all-time high of 55 million active members, which drove the first billion-dollar quarter in digital transactions for the company.

    The design teams started by evaluating every detail of the product, both internal and external, to understand how the system could be designed for simplicity, cost efficiency and performance. The result of this evaluation and close collaboration was a 40% reduction in product volume, elimination of the external power supply unit and a significant reduction in number of enclosure parts. The previous product version required 13 external enclosure parts, while the Xbox One S requires only 3. This lowers overall product cost, improves product quality and creates a true design statement.