WUSTHOF PERFORMER- Double Serrated Bread Knife

  • 2023

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    Housewares and Objects

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  • WÜSTHOF - Bjoern Berger

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The WÜSTHOF Performer double-serrated bread knife delivers exceptional quality and performance. The ultra-hard, diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated blade ensures reduced friction due to the lotus effect, gliding precisely through both soft and hard produce. The patented non-slip honeycomb structure of the Hexagon Power Grip guarantees perfect handling and extreme control.

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Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
Image: Wüsthof
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  • Our team was challenged to create the best bread knife, without compromises to handling or design. A premium professional serrated knife which must achieve three specific objectives: 1. Truly outperforms all others in cutting and safety in both wet and dry environments. 2. Cut better than any other serrated knife on the market. 3. Stay sharper for longer than any other knife on the market. Bread with a hard top crust is not pressed down on when cut with the double-serrated knife. Bread with soft crust is cut cleanly – without tearing the sensitive surface.

  • The WÜSTHOF Performer double-serrated bread knife is a serrated knife for domestic and commercial use, that truly outperforms all others in both wet and dry environments. Its handles are fitted with our patented ergonomic Hexagon Power Grip, a honeycomb design that greatly reduces the possibility of slippage, ensuring each slicing moment is safe, comfortable, and precise. The blade design, also created by our design team several years ago, has serrations within the serrations, meaning that it remains sharp for longer, requires less pressure and is suitable for very precise, smooth cuts.

  • Knives are among the first and most important tools ever created. At WÜSTHOF we design, develop and manufacture knives with true purpose, they must operate optimally for specific tasks. The WÜSTHOF bread knife with double serrated blades from the Performer series fulfils these criteria: - It needs to be sharpened less often than a conventional bread knife. - It enables better handling of food - cutting easily and cleanly through all types of breads, thicknesses of crusts, and other produce where other serrated knives perform poorly. - It increases stability and grip when cutting. - It is safer in both wet and dry work environments.

  • Unlike simple knives, the WÜSTHOF bread knife is forged and not just laser cut. The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated blade is the ultimate in the knife market increasing the surface hardness of WÜSTHOF steel from 58° to a unique 104° Rockwell. The low friction, lotus effect of the DLC coating means particles or liquids simply roll off the blade surface and it almost glides smoothly through hard as well as soft produce. Extremely hard it also has strong resistance to acids and alkalis such as those in lemons and potatoes. The novel, ergonomic handle design with offset anti-slip honeycomb structure (Hexagon Power Grip) guarantees extreme control - for optimal safety in all working conditions including locations where moisture is high such as fish markets, butcheries and bars. We see sustainability as more than a mere selling point, so the packaging – developed especially for the Performer series – is made of cardboard and almost entirely free of plastics, except where protection from the blade is needed. The offset oversized iconic WÜSTHOF Trident logo contrasts against the black DLC coated blade to create a graphic effect which communicates the dynamic engineering pedigree of the product.