WRAPTIE™ Multi-Function Strap

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Paul McNeill

Mark Blackburn

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WRAPTIE™ is a new generation of buckle free tie-down straps that are leading the way for safety and ease. With no metal or plastic hooks, the Australian designed product will also prevent damage to vehicles or goods.

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  • The design challenge was to develop a tie down and bundling strap that could be used by anyone due to its simplicity of operation. The self-tensioning nature of bungee straps would be retained, but the need for hooks would be removed so the strap is safer and easier to use. The design had to also account for movement of loads during transport, so providing a higher level of safety then rigid webbing straps. A unique combination of materials would be needed to provide the optimum combination of strength, flexibility, and use ability across a wide variety of applications.

  • WRAPTIE™ has met the requirements of the design brief areas as follows: - The spacing of multiple sections of hook and loop fastener onto high strength elasticated webbing allows the user to bundle and tiedown items in one movement. - No separate buckling action or hook point is required. The need for hooks to meet when bundling is eliminated - the cause of many hook injuries. - Excess length is easily rolled onto itself eliminating knots. The product is easily rolled up for storage. - Manufacture of the webbing from RPET reduces environmental impact, while plastic free packaging eliminates non-recyclable blister pack waste.

  • Commercial: WRAPTIE™ is a marketed to discerning buyers who recognise the importance of safety and efficiency. Within 3 years of launching WRAPTIE™ has attracted an international following and features regularly on high-ranking US E-commerce sites. WRAPTIE™ has resellers in several countries including USA, Japan and across the EU. Environmental: WRAPTIE™ is designed to be manufactured to minimise environmental impact. Inclusion of Recycled PET webbing was critical and WRAPTIE™ is the only tie-down strap available which contains RPET. WRAPTIE™ product packaging excludes plastic bags or blister packs, leveraging recycled card and reusable zip ties to minimise environmental impact.

  • The high strength elasticated backbone allows the user to stretch the WRAPTIE™ while securing or bundling. The spaced hook and loop fasteners provide multiple attachment locations for securing variable load sizes. Compressing the hook and loop fasteners increases the holding strength. WRAPTIE™ features an openable end for fixing, while a finger loop at the other end assists with tensioning. The WRAPTIE™ Gripper is a stamped recycled rubber sleeve which can be used in conjunction with the WRAPTIE™ strap for extra grip on smooth surfaces. With the addition of the Gripper, WRAPTIE™ is one of the best surfboard straps available. A compact version of WRAPTIE™ fitted with a paracord loop at one end is for fitting small items to bicycle carriers or motor bike racks, suitable for commuting around the city or for overland touring. WRAPTIE™ will not scratch or damage the goods being secured. It can be used while wearing gloves, or in low visibility conditions where the user cannot easily see the end of the strap. WRAPTIE™ can be left rolled around a roof rail or bicycle seat post and simply pulled out ready for use.