Worn For Good X Smack Bang

  • 2021

  • Fashion

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Worn For Good

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Worn for Good is a social enterprise selling preloved-apparel with profits going towards charities that improve the lives of women and the health of our planet. The Smack Bang Foundation worked with them to craft a brand identity and website that demonstrates that fashion and compassion can co-exist.

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  • Through every touchpoint Worn For Good needed to establish trust as curators of cool, while also claiming their space as leaders of conscious consumerism. The brand system we created celebrates the circular cycle and second life WFG enables. Our logo aligns and highlights the 'o' letter forms, emphasising the notion of a circular economy whilst also alluding to the zero waste, zero production impacts of recycled clothes. A strong focus on community and creating resonance with their fashion forward audience, built an ecommerce platform that focused on the customer journey and showcased every element of the brand with considered charisma.

  • "The SB team took us on as part of their philanthropic foundation which provided us with brand foundations set for launch. From the very beginning, they understood our vision. They distilled, developed and delivered the perfect brand concept we couldn't have conceived ourselves. They were intuitive, organised, adaptive and professional. We couldn't imagine better partners to build our brand. The strength and success of our new branding has made acquiring new relationships with big, existing brands all the more easier for us." - Sophie Palmer, Co-founder Worn For Good

  • Worn For Good is a social enterprise selling near new high-end apparel online, with 30% of the profits going directly to women's community shelters across Australia. The garments are donated by Australia's top fashion influencers and brands, who have a desire to give back. As well as transforming consumerism into compassion, Worn For Good aims to promote sustainability through the re-purposing of garments. The brand is accessible, fun and relatable. Whether it is a blazer worn to a job interview or a dress worn at a special event, every piece sold has a story behind it.

  • It is important to note the brand aims to highlight the growing issue of women's homelessness and in turn, promote awareness and change. The branding uses beautiful imagery and typography, combined with unique and playful elements. This combination encapsulates its roots in high fashion as well as its commitment to being accessible, bold and inclusive.