Woodsbury Engagement Ring Box

  • 2019

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Jack Graham

Matthew Sherwen

Designed In:


Traditional engagement ring boxes are rather obvious, so Woodsbury re-created the ring box to better conceal the user’s ring. Each box is hand made using sustainably sourced walnut timber and is personalised with the user’s initials. The timber is finished with burnishing oil and bee’s wax.

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  • When asking friends how they proposed we were surprised to find many of them carried the engagement ring without the box, risking damage or misplacement. After looking into this we noticed that traditional engagement ring boxes are bulky in design and not suitable for concealing in your pocket or travelling abroad. These traditional boxes are made from cheap synthetic materials and lack personalisation. We realised there needed to be a better, more sustainable way to carry and conceal an engagement ring without compromising the surprise.

  • The Woodbury engagement box is a handcrafted timber ring box that conceals, protects and reveals the user's ring. After rapid prototyping with paper and velvet, we came up with an innovative spinning mechanism that adds an element of surprise to the proposal. During the manufacturing process, the box starts as a solid piece of timber and is cut, sanded and engraved to the user's requirements. By using quality materials and personalised engraving the box becomes a timeless keepsake. Customers all around the world have successfully proposed using the Woodbury engagement ring box.

  • The Woodsbury box is made from FSC certified timber. FSC is the global mark of responsible forestry. The internal mechanism is made from polypropylene, a recyclable thermoplastic polymer. Our design focus was to minimise the use of synthetic materials and waste during production. We are currently supplying to jewellery companies who no longer need to purchase cheap, disposable boxes for their rings. Socially, the box provides a solution to a significant moment in the user's life. We feel we have helped users with the process of proposing.

  • The box is designed to stay securely closed with hidden magnets, while still allowing ease of use. The ring holder is designed with living hinges and includes hidden soft foam that helps protect and hold the user's ring. Each box comes with a lifetime guarantee.