Wolffepack Capture

  • 2017

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • David Wolffe
  • Goodwin Hartshorn
  • Paul Hamilton

Commissioned By:

Wolffepack Limited

Designed In:

United Kingdom

Photographers of all types require frequent and rapid camera access to get the big shot. Gear carried in a conventional backpack is fixed on your back and presents access problems. Wolffepack is the world’s only backpack that swings all your gear to the front but stays strapped to your back, without the hassle of unstrapping.

Wolffepack’s patented orbital technology frees the whole bag to rotate around the body using its revolutionary cord system. Wolffepack Capture breaks new ground by combining the system with a bag optimised for camera access, with an internal padded camera pod. A flick of its ergonomic handle moves the bag to the front in the perfect position to grab, shoot and replace the camera. Capture can be clipped to the front to offer a hands-free workstation that keeps gear clean and clear from the ground, and secure from theft.

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  • Wolffepack combines the access advantages of a messenger bag with the comfort and health benefits of a backpack. The innovation at the heart of the Capture's unique function is Wolffepack's patented orbital trapeze technology: the expetoSYSTEM. You can lower the bag on its Dyneema cords and bring your gear round to the front in one simple action. This accelerates access to camera and gear and there is no need to miss a shot just because gear is stowed away on the back and is a bit inconvenient to access repeatedly. We worked hard on the ergonomics and workflow for the camera user. The 'Aperture Action' of opening the bag means that when unzipped in a clean, easy, one-handed single movement, the top of the bag naturally drops open to reveal your gear in the perfect place in front of you, exactly to hand.

  • The Wolffepack's unique design allows you to have your gear in the perfect working position in front of you. The bag swings round to provide a mobile workstation, without having to take the pack off and put it on the floor. The bag hooks on to the front of the shoulder straps, leaving your hands completely free to work out of your bag, whether that's for a lens change, a change of battery or a new storage card.

  • Traditional camera backpacks can get wet, muddy or damaged on the ground, especially when the shoulder straps hit the dirt. With the Wolffepack system, the Capture stays off the floor, clean and protected on your front. The Wolffepack Capture contains all the padding you need to keep your equipment protected, in the pod and in the bag. There is also a padded laptop pocket for up to 15.6" laptop. In addition, with the bag attached to your front, you can keep your gear safe and secure in front of you, where you can see it.

  • The Capture comes with a custom-designed, EVA-padded, microfiber soft-lined, removable, configurable camera pod that docks and locks in the top of the backpack, for perfect access. It can be stowed in the bottom half of the bag for a different space configuration, or it can be removed completely. The capacity of the pod includes space for a DSLR (with lens) plus 2 spare lenses (like a 24-70mm) or 1 lens plus a flash unit. It also has side mesh pockets that can take filters or lens pens or spare batteries. The zipper pocket has space for cables or filters or spare memory cards, and it also has a dedicated card storage flap.

    As a special 2 part access bag, it has an internal dividing shelf that can be unzipped and folded flat. This creates 3 carry modes and converts from 2 compartments to one large cargo bay to suit your gear and your day. The camera pod can be carried in the top or bottom of the bag, or removed completely. The split-level design of the Capture offers direct access to the bottom of the bag, meaning no rummaging through other items to get to the bottom of your stuff for what you need.

    For photography and everyday use, as a backpack, Wolffepack Capture has the detailed points covered. It includes a tripod clip, padded laptop sleeve, and a waterproof rain cover in ripstop nylon that tucks into a custom pocket under the backpack. It features strap tidies, detachable chest strap, webbing loops for bike lights, and heavy duty no.10 zippers for durability. For comfort, inside the back panel sits a sculpted airflow back system, well-padded to keep you comfortable and cool, and the shoulder straps are wide and padded with EVA foam to spread the load.

    Wolffepack's system uses leading-edge materials from the high performance worlds of yachting and mountaineering. It includes Kevlar, carbon fibre, and Dyneema in the cords, which is 15 x stronger than steel and used by the military for ballistic protection. These Dyneema cords can carry a load of more than 300kg. The soft-feel ergonomic handle is stowed securely using neodymium magnet catches by Fidlock.