Whitepages: 5 Powerful Ways

  • 2015

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • The Explainers & Like Minded Studio

Commissioned By:

The Royals

Designed In:


The Royals commissioned us to produce a series of 6 x 60 sec animated films to help the Whitepages explain why they were still relevant and explain the benefits of their digital products to prospective customers. Our core business is making videos that explain complex, digital services, but an added element of this brief was they need to be visually arresting and as engaging as possible, so that the sales team would feel the relevance and worth of their own roles within the company. We worked with renowned typographer Luca Ionescu (Like Minded Studio) to bring his type to life and then creating animated scenarios around them.

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  • Working collaboratively with Like Minded Studios we combined our shared experiences of Typography & Art Direction with Animation Design & Direction to bring the best out of each other, and take what could be quite a pedestrian and generic series of videos and make them stand out with a unique charm and style. Online videos that are not being produced with the mass market in mind can easily slip into a trap of being generic in style and corporate in content.

  • There remained a functional aspect to the design though - these had some important yet subtle messages to get across, yet around this was the brief to cram as much narrative and design detail that we could. Primarily these were Sales tools, and not short films. They were also to be viewed online which meant that they were potentially not full screen so it put more pressure on the legibility of the type design.

  • We took initial script and concepts, stripped them down and beefed them up with 3D typography and 2D characterisation. The typography embodies the message and then leads to small local stories where characters bring the stories to life. Their message is of local networks - the difference Whitepages makes is with known search rather than just a web search and so we worked hard to create localised scenarios and give the characters unique personalities in the limited time we had to produce the six films.

  • We wanted to create quality and surpass usual boring sales videos online. These are broadcast quality videos and more of our work is jumping the gap from digital to broadcast as that gap shrinks. These videos stand out and make staff proud to work for white pages as the company moves to reinvigorate their business. In reality the sales funnel starts here with the sales department, these videos are aimed at motivating not just informing.

    This series is intended primary as sales tools, but also as engaging information pieces. They needed to present convincing arguments without resorting to a hard sell. A modular style allows editing the hero animation into the 5 subsequent supporting pieces. The self-contained individual scenes allow the potential for the videos to be
edited for TV broadcast in the future. Overall the snappy scripting & direction has been focused on giving potentially dull information a dynamic and distinctive treatment filled with humour, charm and clarity.