Westpac Live for Mobile

  • 2015

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • Westpac Banking Group - Customer Experience team

Commissioned By:

Westpac Banking Group

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Clarity and focus has created a design experience, which invites a curious and natural exploration of previously overlooked features, leading to a significant increase in uptake and usage: NPS up 30, Simple sign-in up 72%, Tap & Pay up 144% in 1st week, Password Errors down 80%.

An elegant design that is visually resolved and bold in it’s approach to focus attention on the core function of signing into full service banking, and provides quick and easy access to other functions, whilst also creating an emotional connection with Westpac’s community brand values.
“I thought it was great, lovely and refreshing and so easy to use. Not boring and corporate like most financial products but inviting.”

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  • The use of imagery as a contemporary design technique was used to support the Westpac brand values & create harmonious connection with our community support. Deep functionality on a small form factor mobile device, demanded a well resolved scalable design. Decluttering the visual presentation, providing more white space combined with functional tiles that peeked from the side & unambiguous primary sign in, achieved a great result. Customers validated the design strength through positive emotional comments & increased use of function. Customers: “I think the sign in screen is beautiful, seamless & makes banking an enjoyable experience.” “The new app looks & feels right. Intuitive & aesthetically superior.”

  • The primary purpose of quick & easy access to banking has been enhanced by a clear Sign In button that instantly invokes the keyboard or TouchID. Flexible sign in options via an easy stepped process to support customer choice whilst retaining simplicity. User experience has been advanced by faster access to sign in, increased awareness of other features and related apps to support customers in their everyday lives. Significant increase in use of important but previously overlooked functions, through simple tiles that intuitively invoke action and engagement. Customers: “Love sign in!” “Love the new login options”

  • Breakthrough design came by shifting from traditional menus and tabs, to a flowing panorama layout that teases users into engaging. Focus was on decluttering & strong but elegant primary action. Customers noticing & appreciating the Design drove new levels of engagement. Clever use of tech allowed connection between digital & physical environments to deliver a strong “out and about” mobile proposition of; Get Cash from an ATM without a card, find an ATM and Tap and Pay Android phones at EFTPOS terminals. Fingerprint sign in is easy & convenient and a world first on Android. Customers: “Fingerprint..most easy & innovative idea I've seen for a long time.“ “Love it! Brilliant! Easy to use!

  • Following, “Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication”, meant obsessing over detail & repeatedly refining to create an open & uncluttered finish. Labelling & terminology was iterated with customers, as an important step to making content easy to discover & absorb. Increasing customer engagement meant collapsing a potentially complex IA through the use of “tiles” where information is brought to the user through status and context changes. This created instructional, informative and actionable “content objects”, replacing complex static IA, resulting in greater takeup of features. “New app is very user friendly & I find I can navigate so much easier than before”

    Strongly competitive market & high customer expectations demands focus on quality & attention to detail. Elegance & effectiveness is reflected in significant increase in take-up and usage of previously overlooked features. The redesign of the layout, IA and visual design was notably the most challenging aspect at the start of the agile project & has since been heralded as the most successful aspect through business performance. Return on investment in good design disciplines has been celebrated by business results at a whole new level. Pay pig app up 380% Payway app up 240% Homefinder app up 144% Tap and Pay up 144% Cash code use up 43% NPS up 30 points Fingerprint 52% take up