Westfund – Better health cover for regional Australia

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Marcel Jacobs - Future Friendly
  • Eleanor Ringrose - Future Friendly
  • Louise Flanagan - Future Friendly
  • Liam Fiddler - Future Friendly
  • Thom Vincent - Future Friendly

Commissioned By:

Anna Malatabarow - Westfund

Anna Malatabarow - Westfund

Laura Pillans - Westfund

John Iverach - Westfund

Jon Goodgame - Westfund

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Westfund is a leading Australian regional health insurer. They’re a not-for-profit, who provides coverage specifically designed for those living in regional areas.

We launched a website to help regional residents find the right health cover for them, and support them to make the most of it.

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  • Westfund is the highest growing fund, with also the highest management expense. The opportunity was to scale award-winning customer service, online. A fragmented, hard to understand experience led to people following the path of least resistance - purchasing health cover from a non-regional provider. Their legacy online experience left potential new members unable to join without support from the team. Hard to buy. Hard to find answers. Impossible to stay relevant. The brief. Make it easy for regional Australians to find the right health insurance for them. Keeping pace with competition online experience to better support regional communities.

  • Together we launched a new website that was; Easy to buy. Clear comparisons, simple guidance, and a clean, intuitive interface make it easy for people to understand what's right for their situation. Easy to find answers. We reframed support content to align to the questions people have, not the way the business thinks about them. Simple, plain-English answers and step-by-step signposting means people can quickly get help, without having to pick up the phone. Fast to update. A modern CMS, with modular design patterns, makes it easy to update and adapt to new customer needs, without requiring a larger team.

  • In just 14 weeks, We delivered real change for Westfund and its members. Since launch; - New signups are up 34% - Assisted signups are up 6.8% For members. A site that makes it easy to understand what coverage I need - and get my questions answered over time. For Westfund as a whole. Transformed Westfund's approach to technology - instilling a culture of customer testing and rapid iteration. This allowed them to understand and meet what members truly want. Reinforcing their position as the lead health insurer for regional Australia, and keeping pace with competitors.

  • Launching a new website isn't enough to ensure long-term sustainable success. We co-created a long-term roadmap, and measurement plan, to ensure they're delivering on their mission. Measurement plan. Organisations make what they measure, so getting the measurement right is essential. The plan shifted success from traditional sales and engagement targets to; - People making better decisions - choosing and purchasing cover that's right for them, not just the most profitable option. - People finding the answers they're after - - Internal teams able to adapt to meet new needs - without relying on bespoke development. Long-term roadmap: Without a plan, long term vision gets sacrificed for quick wins. We worked together to create a roadmap that would allow Westfunds team to continue to build on the foundations put in place. "We effectively started from scratch. Rebuilding our customer-facing digital ecosystem in its entirety in 14 weeks was an ambitious project. To get this complete in such a short time frame, Future Friendly through constant user testing helped us find the most important requirements to launch. Through knowledge transfer our internal teams have the capability to execute on the plan to evolve, always focussing on what's important to the customer." - Jon Goodgame Westfund