Webster-Pak Folder Range

  • 2014

  • Communication

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  • Webstercare

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We are proud of our history of innovation at Webstercare and are always asking ourselves how we can improve. We’ve applied this principle to our Webster-pak® Folder Range and the result is the first major redesign in the 30-year history of Webstercare. Webster-pak® is a medication aid provided by your local community pharmacy to improve patient adherence to medicines. Recent changes to the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will reduce pharmacy income, placing even greater emphasis on this valuable service. The relaunch of the Webster-pak® Folder Range will help support pharmacies to revitalise their professional services during this challenging time.

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  • The Webster-pak® Folder has been designed to improve all aspects of the user experience: - Smooth, curved edges and enhanced colours for an improved look and feel. - Improved opening and closing functionality. The folder can now be opened from a third location: the top left corner, as well as the bottom left corner and centre tab. - Concertina cut-outs highlight the patented concertina blisters, which require 46%* less pressure to open. - The Webster-pak® LV Folder was designed in accordance with Vision Australia guidelines for the visually impaired. - The Webster-pak® multilingual solutions help to breakdown language barriers within an increasingly multicultural society.

  • The Webster-pak® Folder Range has been designed to improve assembly efficiency and create a standardised professional appearance: - Larger Header Card window at the top of the folder increases the valuable printed real estate available, allowing pharmacies to include their own branding. - The Webster-pak® Folder is pre-labelled during the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for the user to apply a label themselves and creates a more efficient and consistent result. - The Webster-pak® Folder has been designed to seamlessly integrate with existing products within the extensive system, such as: storage solutions, blister packaging, and header card stationery.

  • The trademarked Webster-pak® folder is one of the most recognisable and powerful trademarks for Webstercare. For this reason, it was imperative for the new design to incorporate all of the visual features that make the Webster-pak® folder so distinctive to customers and the broader community. The new design achieves this, while incorporating new, innovative design features and providing a refreshed, modern and appealing image for the Webster-pak® Folder.

  • The Webster-pak® Folder Range has been manufactured with Antimicrobial Technology that provides safe, effective and permanent protection against bacterial build-up, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of harmful species such as MRSA, E.Coli and Legionella. The risk of cross-contamination is a constant battle in hospitals and care homes worldwide. These environments are susceptible to high levels of bacteria due to the constant flow of people. Even with strict cleaning procedures in place, bacteria can grow back immediately on any surface. This can have deadly consequences, especially when dealing with our most vulnerable people: the sick and elderly.

    The Webster-pak® Folder Range is an eco-friendly medication solution due to the reusable folder frame. This results in 65% reduction in waste materials that end up in landfill, when compared to the equivalent disposable system. The Webster-pak® Folder Range uses 3% less material than the older design and has eliminated the need for extra manufacturing steps including foil stamping and vinyl label production. Having a clever mould design, which incorporates inserts, means that the same tooling can be used for another product line - Unit Dose 7® Folders - resulting in a smarter use of resources and more efficient manufacturing.