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Vuly Trampolines

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Aesthetically, the connection between Vuly’s Thunder trampoline and the new Vuly2 is obvious. Along with the same great style, the two trampolines offer the same premium level of safety, and boast a lot of the same high-quality components. In fact, the net, net poles, and jump mat use the same technology as the very popular Thunder trampoline.

But Vuly2 is not exactly the same as Thunder; Vuly2 is the traditional backyard trampoline, redesigned.

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  • The safety net on Vuly2 is designed to absorb the impact of your bounce and eliminate the risk of contact injury. Its tight weave in soft Silk Terylene means it's not too loose, and not too rigid, and it guides bouncers to the centre of the mat, without grazing the skin. The mesh is super fine to stop fingers or toes getting caught. Vuly2's safety enclosure is UV-rated so it lasts, and is designed to prevent contact with the trampoline's frame or springs, so that trampoline injury is prevented. A clever doorway overlaps around the edges so that there is no need for a zip, and this ensures confident bouncing without the risk of falling out of the enclosure.

  • Reversible safety pads ensure no contact with the springs, and are thick for peace of mind. Vuly's unique Bisonyl trampoline pads are water and UV resistant, so they stand up to different weather conditions and won't easily fade or disintegrate. They're designed for the outdoors. Reversible pads provide double the style and double the lifespan. A quick flip swaps between Classic Blue and Cool Grey, which are more fade-resistant than orange, pink, red and yellow. The pads on Vuly2 won't slip off and expose the springs while you bounce. Their thick, direct-connect PVC loops ensure that they remain firmly in place over the springs and frame.

  • Vuly2's strong and sturdy galvanised and powder-coated steel frame clicks together quickly and easily for a fast installation. There's no need for nuts and blots, or tricky clips. This is a safe and reliable trampoline that's aesthetically designed for a polished finish. Vuly2's frame is powder coated matte jet-black, making it scratch and rust resistant. Vuly is the only brand in the world to use both galvanised and powder coated tubing. Two solid rings of steel give the frame a sturdy and durable foundation that's unique in its design. Net poles made from Vuly's unique oval shaped tubing flex with ease to accommodate bouncing. There isn't any wear and tear of welding, and the poles are easy to remove.

  • Unique to Vuly, HexVex™ is Australia's only printed trampoline mat game! We worked with our own Vuly Heroes to develop this concept from a popular trampoline training exercise called “Add-ons” which our trampolinists use as a training tool to improve their co-ordination and reaction time. Similarly, the trampoline games kids can play enhance their balance, helps them to learn sequence and develop their memory and ocular motor skills.

    Weather-proof like a normal tent, Vuly2s Trampoline Tent is wateproof to withstand rain - a strong, waterproof coating is applied. Our tent's panoramic windows provide the best airflow of any trampoline tent on the market. Slip it on for shade and sun protection in summer, or a warmer bounce in winter. You can attach the tent roof without the walls, and add the walls as you need, with easy assembly.