Vozz Helmets

  • 2016

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Voztec Limited

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The VOZZRS1.0 is a motorcycle helmet with enhanced safety & comfort features. Unlike regular pull on/pull off helmets, the Vozz helmet is a full face, rear access, dual-locking helmet incorporating the Voztec System. The helmet is the only commercially available full-face helmet without a chinstrap, instead having an adjustable chin cup.

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  • The design is sleek, snug & aerodynamic, with semi futuristic features. It comes in a variety of 8 colours. The two-piece design, top hinge, cut line and audible locks give it a robust appearance and stealth like personality. Launched in Australia in December 2015, it has generated international interest. After the initial WOW of seeing it open, a quick shift in behaviour sees new users putting the helmet on and off faster than you can change your mind. Our helmet is ergonomically designed; from the rubber guide inserts at the back of the helmet to the glove friendly lock release. All the features advance the riders experience.

  • The SRS has been developed to help medical staff in emergencies. Allowing for the quick & safe removal of the front shell after impact. This is a world first for paramedics & provides a safer alternative of removal within a few minutes, without having to cut the helmet off to remove it from an injured rider & risk further damage to the neck, spine & head regions. A QR code is located just under the hinge of the helmet. Once scanned it will take medical personnel through the process of removing the helmet. This process ensures the helmet is removed correctly & allows for the rear section of the helmet to cup the riders head ready for a neck brace. The VOZZ RS1.0 is AS/NZ, DOT & ECE certified.

  • All Vozz Helmets are manufactured under strict protocols ensuring the high quality and performance of the superior technology. Voztec Limited has collaborated with an International Composite Helmet Manufacturer that is an ISO900 certified manufacturer. All products are subject to strict guidelines prior to completion and batch samples are regularly sent to external certification labs such as SAI for testing and approval. This ensures the helmet is produced at the highest quality.

  • VOZZ sits in the upper segment of the Helmet market competing with most top of the line Helmet brands retailing at $888. Customers receive an additional 80% tinted visor, a helmet bag & 3-year warranty. Positioned in a $3 billion annual market, the Vozz brand expects to become commonplace amongst the Motor Cycle community as the company looks to expand with a Motor X helmet in the next 12 months along with safety enhanced leathers & gloves. In the future, the technology will be extended to other markets such as snow sports and equestrian. This helmet will become a game changer and make regular pull on, pull off helmets extinct.

    By combining the algorithmic combination of the rear opening, internal circumference & lower bell opening, the Vozz Helmet has redefined a product that has been stagnant for 100 years. The technology is patented in over 30 countries/regions & is supported with a 2nd patent & 3rd provisional patent as well as global trademarks & trade secrets. The aerodynamic shape allows for more protection under the jawline. The directional visor stability ensures that the visor does not shift. There is no buffeting or lifting effects. Approx. 98% of the EPS is in contact with your head. The helmet is made from Tri Composite front shell, high grade ABS rear shell, Visor high grade PC with Anti Fog/Anti Scratch coatings.