Vogel’s TV Wall Mount DesignMount

  • 2015

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Vogel's Products BV

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

The Netherlands

Vogel’s DesignMount – Design from back to front

We are always looking for ways to make watching television, listening to music or relaxing more enjoyable. Recently our journey brought us to a whole new level. It started when we challenged our young designers to create a whole new wall mount concept for premium TVs. They found inspiration in our rich design and engineering heritage and came up with the Vogel’s DesignMount.
The DesignMount is a turning point for wall mount design that brings a fresh new look to the market, a real signature product for Vogel’s. It has a clean bold look with graceful lines that creates a unique setting for a TV.

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  • MORE
  • Vogel's patented Screen Protection System (SPS) protects your flatscreen from bumping into the wall when turning

  • The patented Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM) lets you move your TV screen with the touch of a fingertip

  • Your screen always straight with the Vogel's patented Easy Click home system

  • Hides all unsightly cables

    Extend your TV up to 28.3 inch from the wall, Tilt your TV up to 20°, Turn your TV up to 120°

    The Cable column is especially designed for DesignMount NEXT 7345 with a Sleek, graceful design in an Aluminium finish. This cable column hides up to 10 cables

    This high quality safety glass plate brings a solution for all media equipment The glass plate has a sleek graceful design and can be positioned at any height in the column