Megabay Viento LED Strip Light Projector

  • 2015

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Infinity Design Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Megabay Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Viento is the new generation of architectural linear LED projectors from Megabay. The Viento is a low profile outdoor LED projector for the commercial lighting sector delivering high power, intense colour and exceptional performance.

As a professional lighting tool, the Viento empowers creative designers to transform and enhance architectural environments to reveal a new world of colour and inspiration. The Viento combines quality, innovation and leading-edge technology into a smart design with a small footprint. This powerful luminaire is clean lined, visually appealing and designed for pure performance with a no compromise approach to lighting efficiency and colour rendering capability.

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  • Mix and match - choose from 500mm (15 and 30W) and 1000mm (40 and 60W) fixtures to create multiple configurations that allow for unlimited freedom of design. The Viento is available in anodised Midnight Black and Lunar Grey or painted Neutral White to integrate with modern and traditional architectural projects.

  • The projected lighting effect is paramount, but the product's aesthetic appeal is equally important to blend with architectural installations. The form is clean lined and minimalist having a seamless top surface between precision ground glass and extruded aluminium body. The extrusions are CNC machined and surfaces bead blasted before anodising to achieve a uniform texture that is corrosion resistant. The low iron glass has exceptional clarity and is printed with a blocking frame to disguise the silicone sealing system, while the concealed screw system allows for the clean top surface of the product. The result is balanced form that blends with the building architecture but makes its own design statement.

  • Aluminium is chosen as a suitable durable non corrosive material with excellent finishing qualities. It also acts as a heat sink for the LED board with thermal fins on the back surface to assist with heat dissipation. The main extrusion is machined in a unique way to provide successful sealing from 3 sides without overlapping gaskets. The glass is compressed using unique aluminium and plastic extruded side frame components that utilise concealed fixing screws from the rear to create a uniform pressure to prevent ingress under extreme conditions. The driver box is a separate component that is smaller than the LED strip to allow for the cable connections. The adjustable foot attaches securely to the driver box.

  • Adding white to the traditional RGB LEDs allows for a whole new level of colour mixing with vibrant hues, soft shades, smooth blends and pure pastels. The onboard processing allows for quick vector transitions and high resolution mixing. The drivers control the light output using industry standard protocols of DALI and DMX to allow precise control of light intensity and colour with excellent dimming capability. The LED strip includes precision optics for focusing the light emissions for long distances and a glare reduction membrane that diverts attention from the light source. The glare membrane softens spill and provides visual comfort from multiple angles.

    The Viento turns complexity into simplicity delivering efficient performance with leading edge LED driver technology and world leading CreeTM LEDs that are at the forefront of light quality and efficiency. Each component has been thoroughly researched and individually developed to work in harmony and synchronization for outstanding performance. Components of the highest quality combine to deliver maximum performance, beautiful light and impressive energy efficiency.

    The Viento comes fully assembled with an adjustable foot so that installation is simple and efficient. The body angles away for screw fixing to a range of surfaces and the ideal angle is set by simply tightening the hex head key fitting. The bracket also detaches easily for mounting in hard to manoeuver spaces. Data and power have been paired into one cable with a bayonet connector that locks into place with a simple twist. The twist and lock weatherproof connector saves installation time, allowing for fast and error free connections without the need for tools. A series of Viento projectors can be aligned end to end and daisy chained using this connector system so that wiring long strips is simple and minimali

    The Viento projector is designed for extreme conditions with an ingress protection rating of IP67. The meticulously manufactured weather proof housing delivers outstanding performance in the harshest conditions. Corrosion resistant long life finishes including anodising and durable automotive paint finishes are applied for style and resilience. Every individual product is pressure tested in the final step of manufacture. Negative and positive air pressures are applied beyond normal conditions to ensure absolute fixture integrity and build quality. A vent is installed to equalize pressure differential during extreme heat or cold to ensure that ingress protection is maintained in all operating conditions.