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C & J Vetsled Pty Ltd

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Available in a Single or Double, the Vet Sled is a strong, durable and mobile enclosure that can be towed anywhere around your property, directly to animals in the comfort of their own paddock for treatment and grooming etc.

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Image: Photographer: Julie Trainor
Image: Photographer: Ryan Spark
Image: Photographer: Muslim Al-Mohemmad
Image: Photographer: Muslim Al-Mohemmad
Image: Photographer: Julie Trainor
Image: Photographer: Animal Hospital Murdoch
Image: Photographer: Julie Trainor
Image: Photographer: Muslim Al-Mohemmad
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  • It often happens that when a larger animal is injured or requires a veterinary check they are either taken into a fixed stall, stable or into a float to be taken to the veterinary facility. This is often a difficult, traumatic ordeal for both the animal and the owner and leaves the already unwell animal stressed. For a large, heavy device, that needed to be manufactured, suitable for transportation, including shipping and management around the property, as well as safety for animals and people, the challenge was set.

  • An opportunity in the veterinary and livestock category that will alleviate the stress in having an animal checked over by a vet by allowing the animal to remain in the comfort of its own paddock/ environment while still being safely secured during the consult, not to mention the safety of the person checking over the animal. The Vet Sled has been designed to come flat packed for the consumer, with a user friendly instruction manual and "how to" video on the Website, the Vet Sled is easy to assemble and dis-assemble for convenience.

  • Its ski-like base that enables it to glide over any surface, the Vet Sled offers numerous benefits for vets, farriers and groomers, as well as breeders of large animals, and allied animal health professionals such as animal chiropractors, dentists, physiotherapists and acupuncturists. The first production included prototypes for testing at Murdoch University Vet School, Western Australia and is being trialled at the moment with great success, particularly in teaching future generation vets.

  • - Single or Double Vet Sled available to purchase. - Suitable for horses, ponys, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, pigs, small cows. - Both Vet Sleds can be manoeuvred around using a quadbike, ute, tractor. - Suitable for different environments such as rain, UV from the sun, etc. - Suitable to tow on different surfaces such as dirt, sand, gravel, grass, etc. Four Easy Steps on how it works: 1. Tow the Single or Double Vet Sled into place using a vehicle such as a ute, tractor or quadbike. 2. Lead the animal through the back gate of the Vet Sled. 3. When the animal reaches the front gate of the Vet Sled, close the rear gate by aligning the easy-to-use locking bracket and securing it with the attached pin. 4. Close the rear gate with the second easy-to-use locking mechanism. To release the animal, simply remove the pin from the front gate locking mechanism and open the gate.