Verton R-Series

  • 2019

  • Engineering

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Based on 25 years of research, the vast majority of serious injuries or fatalities from crane operations are sustained by those in close proximity to the load. The Verton R-Series is the world’s first remote-controlled electromechanical load-management system that provides immediate safety and productivity benefits with crane-operated suspended loads.

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  • Construction is a complex and high-risk environment that is constantly evolving. With suspended loads however, nothing has changed and tag lines are still the only way to guide suspended loads safely to their destination. Suspended incidents can cause serious damage to buildings, equipment and infrastructure and put operators at risk of serious or fatal workplace incidents. The vast majority of serious injuries or fatalities are sustained by those in close proximity to the load such as tag-line operators.

  • The Verton R-Series is a remote-controlled electro-mechanical load management system. Using physics principals taught at school and leveraging the internet of things, the R-Series uses angular momentum stored in remote-controlled gyroscopic modules to control and manipulate suspended loads in real-time. The modules are scalable to suit the size of any suspended load allowing total control of every load, every time. Onboard sensors and telemetry interpret real-time load movement and the software manipulates the load into the desired position. The R-series automatically orients loads to the required direction on pickup and drop off.

  • The Verton R-Series increases the safety of loads by eliminating the need for taglines or operators in close proximity to the landing site or pickup sites, so workers will no longer be near or under moving loads at risk of serious or fatal injury. The R-Series cuts the time taken to move loads by up to 25% and provides a 50% reduction in hook time, resulting in up to an hour of reduced cycle time over the course of a standard working day. It also enables improved planning based on efficient and repeatable work process.

  • The incorporation of critical live data from onboard telemetry, with the internet of things allows programmable repeatability. The same onboard telemetry allows the R-Series to be controlled with a phone or tablet and loads can be lifted from and delivered to specific GPS coordinates. This allows reallocation or reduction of resources, resulting in a return on investment within twelve months. The R-Series can be scaled to handle any load up to 20 tonnes.