Vertek LAB Digital Tap Displays

  • 2021

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Vertek Pty Ltd

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Having a background in Graphic Artistry, Ryan and his wife Shinae Vergone from Vertek Pty Ltd have invented a way to promote beer on tap with Looped Animated Branding (LAB). High Definition Animation located on bar taps attracts customers to a particular drink advertised in Pubs and Clubs.

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  • It was a challenge to design a device that was similar in size to what the consumer was used to, located on a bar tap which usually included a standard decal. The device needed to be clear and readable while offering illuminated animations in place of static logos. Another challenge we faced was the harsh bars, pubs and clubs environment where these devices are installed. Appropriate materials needed to be considered with the different venue conditions, therefore tough and durable materials were thought of to avoid/ prevent damage and cope with the ever-changing temperatures, especially icy and wet conditions.

  • A water tight electronic device with special cabling designed to operate in hostile conditions carefully thought out and appropriately sized to be fitted to the beer dispensing taps as would be with a standard decal advertiser. The difference being a modern advanced advertising medium, never seen before in these environments. We also wanted to avoid using a battery system as this can cause further interruptions to venues as well as ongoing charging, therefore we chose a hard-wired install and a custom cord concealing solution to allow the digital tap display to appear cordless from the front once installed.

  • Over the years Beer Tap decals have not advanced and the time has come for a device that represents the state of the art, while considering the environment; the result being enormous interest from advertising departments in the beverage industry.

  • The LAB (Looped Animated Branding) Bar Tap Display has revolutionised the beverage advertising scenario in this area. Moving from static decals to animated HD video presentations while you are approaching the bar to help you make a choice out of the beverages available is the order of the day. Taking into consideration the method of attachment, the harsh conditions and including an electronic device establishes new ground for innovation, the Vertek LAB Digital Tap Displays delivers on this. As a business Vertek Pty Ltd has opened up new branding opportunities creating employment for not only the developers of the animations but installation and management of the displays.