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  • 2014

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  • Lightforce Australia

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Lightforce Australia

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The Venom HID is a Driving Spot Light system for vehicles, predominately 4WDs and SUVs. Venom brings long distance driving lights to the next level of performance and safety. The product is packaged within the smallest compact foot print of any HID driving light currently on the market. 50 watts of HID Osram power coupled with our free form parabola reflector technology puts out a beam distance to over 1400 metres, the best size to distance ratio on the world market. The product also includes LED positioning lights which are stylish and visible during twilight conditions for oncoming traffic awareness.

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  • Light performance has been optimised using the latest computational parabola calculation software and in-house based knowledge. The freeform reflector is designed and made at Lightforce HQ in Adelaide. The paring of the Osram 50W HID Bulb and Ballast system and our reflector technology has been designed to maximise the lights output from the bulbs focal point. The reflector has an aluminium anodised focal ring that ensures on rear cover seating that the bulb is aligned with the reflector every time. The start up of the new Osram ballast is market leading, with low EMC and RF noise interference outputs.

  • The Venom Product represents a technology shift for the business in regards to design and technology. The Venom product offers a new design aesthetic for our range and will be our new design language going forward with the inclusion of LED daylight running lamps included with the front facing. New moulding process were introduced to the business of co-injection within the one tool to reduce parts and assembly time as well as improved sealing conditions. Ultrasonic welding technology was introduce to the business for the venom product. Front Lens and Bezel parts are welded to the main housing providing sealing.

  • Lightforce has a history of producing tough reliable products. The Venom HID driving light continues this ethos and moves it forward to the next level. The product has been tested within a independent NATA lab and the lighting results back are class leading. The product overs the best ingress protection with the market, over 4,500 hours of testing has been completed to verify the performance and robustness. The new ultrasonic welding process gives the venom a incredibly strong front end with neat shut lines. The co-injection seal on the rear cover provides ingress protection to IP68.

  • The Venom Product carries a three year warranty. We are confident that the design and in house manufacture is of the highest level to ensure product integrity for over three years. The sealing protection of the rear cover has been tested from minus 40 to plus 80 degrees. the included Gore breather lets the product breath removing any heat build up gasses. The removable front filter is replaceable to protect the main Light and Front Lens. A post process hard cost lens line is currently in set up. The grades of composite polymers used are fit for all world markets.

    The Venom product is manufactured in South Australia. The design principles used are lean based which is key for an Australian manufactured product, where manufacturing costs and labour are higher then overseas options. The rear cover houses the ballast and bulb components and this was designed to be a generic assembly for us to use in up coming product developments, keeping the same design language and sharing investment costs over a range of new NPI's. The latest ultrasonic welding technology was brought in to enable safe and robust clean joining method that is both cost effective and product improving.