Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

  • 2014

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    Automotive and Transport

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  • Tritium Pty Ltd

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Tritium Pty Ltd

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The Veefil® fast charger is a rapid recharging solution for drivers of electric vehicles. Designed for installation in public locations, Veefil® fast charging delivers range confidence to electric vehicle drivers on the road – providing a convenient point for charging up in less than 30 minutes. The Veefil® fast charger is a bespoke design based on over 10 years of electric vehicle technology development. It has the world’s smallest footprint, is easier and cheaper to install and simple for drivers to use. It is Australia’s first and only designed and manufactured electric vehicle fast charger.

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  • Conventional electric cars can be driven for just over 100kms before they need to be charged and this can take up to 8 hours if a regular wall socket is used. For the driver that is out and about during the day, this is an impractical amount of time to be without a vehicle. The Veefil® fast charger solves this problem by charging up a vehicle in under 30 minutes. Even just a quick 10 minute top-up can deliver 50km of range - more than enough for most journeys.

  • Using patented liquid cooling technology, the electronics in Veefil® are protected from the external environment by a best-in-class IP65 rated enclosure, leading to higher reliability and better performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • The Veefil® fast charger has been designed to enhance the look and feel of a location without impacting the functionality of the surrounding space. The slim profile makes it unobtrusive when set against a wall or in a pedestrian thoroughfare. Veefil® takes up the least amount of floor space of any fast charger globally and it can comfortably share a conventional parking bay with a vehicle.

  • We firmly believe that charging an electric vehicle can be just as enjoyable as the driving experience. The Veefil® user interface panel is simple and intuitive. Clear icons step the user through the charging process and numeric displays keep them updated on how the charge is progressing.

    The cost of installing electrical equipment can far exceed the cost of the equipment itself, so installation is an important element of the customer experience. The lightweight body - weighing just 165kg - is the result of more than 10 years' experience developing high-efficiency, lightweight electronics. It is easy to handle which makes it quick to position on-site with minimal effort. A simple 4-bolt mounting system makes fixing the fast charger in place and connecting electrical wiring straightforward. This unique combination of design features in Veefil® fast chargers translates into thousands of dollars of cost savings when being installed.